Why Do you Feel Hungry After Eating and What to Do?

Feel Hungry After Eating

You feel hungry when your body needs more food. But some people feel hungry even after eating food. This phenomenon is not very simple. Many factors such as diet, lifestyle, and hormones affect your hunger.

In this article, we will discuss why you feel hungry after eating and what you can do it to resolve this problem.

Feel Hungry After Eating

Why you Feel Hungry After Eating:

There are many reasons why you feel hungry after eating. We will discuss some of them.

Meal Composition:

If you start feeling hungry after eating a meal, it could be due to meal composition. Your meal may contain lesser nutrients than your body needs.

Meals that contain a greater portion of protein, like grilling barbecued meat, will increase the feeling of fullness. But if your meals contain more carbs and fats, you will feel hungry after taking your meal.

Eating a protein-rich diet will release glucagon-like peptide-1, peptide YY, and cholecystokinin. These are fullness hormones and will keep you full for longer hours.

A low quantity of fiber in your diet will increase your hunger as well.

Fiber takes longer hours to digest. Eating a good amount of fiber will keep your stomach full for longer hours.

Chicken breasts, turkey, shrimp, lean beef, and bone broth are some good sources of protein. Some fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, and vegetables are good sources of fiber.

Stretch Receptors:

Stretch receptors are present in the stomach and they play an important role to promote the feeling of fullness after eating a meal.

Stretch receptors check that how much your stomach is expanding and sends signal to the brain for the feeling of fullness. Stretch receptors play an important role in reducing your appetite.

Stretch receptors don’t check the nutritional value of the meal but it checks the total volume of the meal and sends a signal to your brain. No matter if that meal is rich in nutrients or not.

Leptin Resistance:

In some cases, people feel hungry after eating a meal due to hormonal issues.

Berain gets signal of fullness when your stomach get enough stretched. This signal is sent by Leptin.

But sometimes, leptin doesn’ work properly due to some reasons. Especially, obese people face this problem. Improper functions of leptin is also known as leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance is a very complex issue.

What are the Solutions:

Feel Hungry After Eating

Lack of Nutrition:

If you feel hungry after eating a meal, make sure your meal includes enough nutrients. Eat foods that are rich in protein and fiber.

Promote Feeling of Fullness:

Drink a good amount of water before a meal to promote fullness. After a meal if you are feeling hungry, instead of taking another meal eat foods that are high in volume but low in calories such as popcorns.

Exercise Regularly:

Regular exercise, increase fiber intake, reduce sugar intake, and get adequate sleep. All these can prevent leptin resistance and you will not feel hungry after eating a meal.

Lifestyle Factors:

Some lifestyle factors are also involved in increasing and decreasing your hunger. Some factors can increase hunger after eating such as:

  • Talking or doing other activities are not recommended while eating. Because these activities will increase the appetite as your brain gets busy in other activities and ignores the signal of fullness hormones.
  • Eating quickly can increase your appetite. Eat slowly and chew food properly in your mouth before sending it to the stomach.
  • Increased stress levels can increase hunger. Doing yoga, or being social can lower your stress levels.
  • Doing exercise daily. Daily exercise can boost your metabolism and hunger. Doing exercise can digest your food to boost your metabolism and you will feel hungry more often.
  • Lack of sleep can increase your hunger. To regulate hormones such as ghrelin you need adequate sleep. Invest in a white noise machine and sound masking for the workplace in order to help with sleep and concentration.
  • Sometimes eating not enough food throughout the day can increase your hunger. It can make you hungry even after eating a meal.
  • High blood pressure can cause hunger even after eating a meal.
  • If you are a diabetic patient. You will feel hungry more often with you ate food or not.


Feeling hungry after eating the meal could be due to many reasons but you can improve it. You can prevent it by eating nutrient-rich foods, maintaining your weight, and improving lifestyle.

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