What is Yin and Yang yoga and what are its benefits

Significance Of Yoga In Your Daily Life

Inhale the future, exhale the past

At this oh-so-stressed time when we are all trying to survive a pandemic, it is really important to give our bodies some asanas and our minds some relaxation. One cannot ignore and not consider the myriad benefits yoga brings to us. Yoga has an impact not just on our body and mind but it is capable of turning us into a better person overall by improving our dormant traits such as intrinsic calmness and active listening. The impact yoga has is blissful.

We have heard of the Chinese Yin and Yang concept where we see contrary forces interconnect. Similarly, there are two contrary yet interrelated yoga styles; Yin and Yang yoga. Yin yoga is internal, passive, cooling, and downward, whereas Yang is external, warming, dynamic, and upward. Talk about chalk and cheese being on the same plate!

Oh if you are still here, and by any chance still reading this you are definitely wondering what’s remarkable about Yin and Yang yoga and what are its benefits (well, you need some benefit from this article).

What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga consists of a series of long-held passive floor poses which complement and appeal to the ‘internal’ and ‘downward’ characteristics of Yin yoga. The slow and long holding poses stimulate movement and stretch tight tissues. This style focuses on the connective tissues, joints, and ligaments of the lower part of the body including the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, and lower spine.

What are the benefits of Yin Yoga?

Revitalization of tissues: Yin Yoga massages your tissues by lengthening and hydrating them to the core. Tissues lose elasticity when unused and result in stiffness and achy joints. With Yin yoga, you give wings to those, for the lack of a better word, inelastic tissues, a little something to make them support your muscles, and make them more pliable.

Improved flexibility: It is proven that yoga all by itself brings flexibility. So what makes Yin yoga the cream of the crop? With this style, you give enough time for fascia tissues to stretch and maximize effectiveness. It is said that fascia needs at least 120 seconds of stretching to be effective. With Yin yoga, the flexibility emanates from the deepest of layers.

Bye-bye stress:

Yin yoga helps reduce stress as we focus on self-care and listen to our body and mind. The mental time is dedicated to concentrating on breathing deeper and getting to the relaxation mode. Breathing in Yin yoga positions aids blood flow and helps indigestion. Foodie much?

Bring balance:

There’s no stress in mind as well as in muscles because Yin yoga’s nucleus is myofascial tissues. In a world where fast-paced yoga for weight loss is thriving, Yin yoga balances the yang. We know the significance of balance be it in work and personal life or anxiety and peace. Yin yoga will restore equilibrium in your lives.

Increased movement:

By nourishing the fascia we get rid of blockages and improve the range of motion. Eventually, you will be in a better place physically with stronger and flexible tissues as they have been given enough time to stretch and lengthen. Well, isn’t that something to smile about?

Yin yoga puts a comfortable and gentle amount of stress on your tissues which helps them relax specifically after a fast-paced activity Or yang yoga. The other benefits include meditation, the flow of prana, the balance of emotions, and tension release. Spirituality in every breath, some would say!

What is Yang yoga?

Yang Yoga is associated with muscular strength, improving stamina, and flexibility. Contrary to Yin Yoga, Yang is upward and external. Yin focuses on tissues and yang focuses on muscles, practicing together, they will strengthen tissues, muscles, and also help in relaxing.

Benefits of Yang yoga:

Increased blood flow:

Yang yoga focuses on blood flow that is required for boosting stamina. The yoga poses or asanas of Yang yoga are powerful and as a result, it generates heat.


After practicing Yang yoga for a good period of time, you have improved energy levels. Yang Yoga demands you physically and it eventually helps in improving your core and endurance.

Muscular strength:

Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga Yoga are the styles that concentrate on muscular strength. Yang yoga tones the muscles, body, and also removes tension. This is also for people who are looking to reduce or increase weight. The heat that’s generated helps in reducing weight whereas people who want to tone and build muscles can also do so.

Yang yoga calms and ensures there is a rhythm. That rhythm is also helpful in synchronizing your breathing pattern with your movement. This will help you even in the longer run.

People who practice yoga just for endurance and weight-related issues do Yang yoga only. However, it is recommended that you do both for a wholesome improvement and balance.

It is suggested that you do Yin yoga first for better inner connectivity of tissues and then does yang that is intense for building muscles. That’s because Yin yoga enables you to practice yang yoga with ease and also get better results. You will be prone to injuries related to tissues if you practice Yang yoga with Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga strengthens you from a deeper level.

In a pandemic, it is required to stay healthy mentally and physically. The pandemic has taken a mental toll on many and yoga really helps people to battle it better. That’s why it is necessary to practice yoga that will help your mind and body. Practicing Yin and Yang together every day is definitely benefitting. Yoga has multiple health benefits too. For people who are working from home and doing classes from home, this would be a great way to get off the screen and focus on your body and mind.

Now that you know all the benefits, why don’t you start some Yin and Yang yoga because your body and mind deserve these benefits?

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