What Are the Advantages Gel Seat Cushions?


Prolonged sitting in wheelchairs may give birth to pressure sores and it can result in drastic outcomes the old aged people and especially those who are physically handicapped. Comfortable cushion to sit in a wheelchair is really important and the weight distribution should be equal. If a disabled person uses an uncomfortable or hard cushion to sit on a for a long time, then that may result in experiencing back pain or sores or ulcers all over the back.

Wheelchairs in the modern era are not only limited for the physically challenged. Today it is being widely used in hospitals for carrying patients from one place to another. The dimensions of wheelchairs have gone for a change.

To avoid such problems, scientists have come up with a new invention which is called gel seat cushions for wheelchairs. These cushions have an extra soft base as they are not made out of foam or cotton but they are completely prepared out of a gelatinous substance which is slimy and soft. This substance is packed in a strong packing which gives it a shape of a cushion and the person sitting on it gets to experience a  soft and comfortable experience as his weight is equally distributed all over the cushion.


  • Due to gel seat cushions for wheelchairs’ lightweight, it is very convenient for the caretakers to shift or pick up the cushion as per the requirement of the patient.
  • The pelvis and thighs of a patient get a very comfortable feel which makes them easier to sit for a long time in wheelchairs
  • The skin is saved from friction which is also very beneficial for the users.
  • The gel inside these gel seat cushions for wheelchairs adjust and move as per the sitting posture of the patient. The seat adapts as per the convenience of the user.
  • Perspiration is preserved as these gels have a cool characteristic which makes the patient sweat less and also adds on to the experience.

How Could A Person Benefit from Gel Seat Cushions for Wheelchairs?

Memory foam, ROHO, foam, gel, foam-gel combinations are some of the types of gel seat cushions for wheelchairs available but of the these the most recommended type is the gel seat cushions because of the benefits discussed above. Cost cutting is also one of the primary reason. A person who is physically disabled has a number of expenses to bear, so it is really difficult for them to get their wheelchair repaired every once in a while.

These gel-based cushions have a really long life as they are highly durable. Regular cushions need servicing which may fall heavy in one’s pocket and everyone cannot afford it. Gel seat cushions are a one-time investment as they do not wear or tear like the foam-based cushions.

Gel-based seat cushions have proven itself to be a blessing for those who need a wheelchair in their daily life. We can only imagine how life would be sitting in a wheelchair for your entire life. This is the best option available for you. It is convenient, genuinely priced, provides maximum utility and durable.



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