Types of Exercises for Natural Neck Pain


It is common to experience neck pain; it can happen due to stress, wrong sleeping position or even an injury. Neck pain can happen anytime and to get relieved from it naturally, one can opt for exercise. Exercise is good for health, no doubt.  There are plenty of exercises that can be done for neck pain treatment.  It helps in strengthening and stretching of neck muscles and relieve pain and stress.

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10 Ways to Treat Neck Pain Naturally

There are different types of exercises you can try for the neck pain treatment. Here are some of them:

#1. Side Neck Stretch

Sit straight, tilt your head towards the right shoulder and hold it for about 15-30 seconds. Now do the same towards your left shoulder. Repeat this exercise for 4-5 times on each side. Relax your shoulder later.

#2. Rotation Neck Stretch

In this exercise, turn your head to the right slowly upon the chin level. Try to stretch your head as far as possible for about 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise.

#3. Isometric Neck Exercises

Hold the palm of the right hand, above the ear against the head. Push them into each other for about 6-8 seconds. Take a rest for 10 seconds and start with your left side, now.

Now, place your hand on forehead and push your head forward for 6 seconds. At last, place your hand at the back and press together for six seconds. Keep repeating with proper rest for better neck pain treatment.

#4. Front Shoulder Stretch

Keep your left arm straight in front of you.  Now, bend the right arm. Relax your body and stretch the left shoulder, gently.

#5. Back Shoulder Stretch

To do the back-shoulder stretch, lift both arms over your head. Capture the left arm with your right arm by bending the right arm. Stretch the right shoulder by letting the left arm drop down. Hold for 4-5 seconds and then repeat the other side.

#6. Strap Stretch

You need a strap to perform this exercise. Hold the strap with both your hands and raise your hand above the head. Relax your shoulder. Exhale and inhale your arms in front of you and repeat same at the back.

#7. Neck Circles

Lower your chin to the chest and start with inhaling and exhaling deeply.  Now, with inhaling, slowly begin to circle your neck upon the right shoulder and repeat this at the back. Continue the same steps over your left shoulder.

#8. Child’s Pose

Sit with your folded legs under you and bend down, with your toe touching your forehead touching the surface. On an inhale, get up from child’s pose. Now, sit with legs crossed, lift your right leg over your head and now try stretching your head downwards. Relax your body for a couple of seconds and repeat the same on the left side. This is very beneficial for neck pain treatment.

#9. Cat and Cow Pose

For cat and cow pose, move towards the floor. On inhaling, drop the belly towards the floor while lifting the chin with every breath. On every exhale, drop your hips and head toward the floor. Follow the inhale and exhale, properly.

#10. Thread the Needle

On every exhale, keep your right arm under the left arm and on every inhale keep your right hand up to the right. Take a rest for a few seconds and repeat.

Exercise is beneficial, especially when it comes to curing neck pain. It stretches and strengthens the neck muscles. It can also help in expanding the range of motion, thus helps in relieving pain and is undoubtedly the best natural neck pain treatment. You can follow the above exercises to relieve you from your neck pain.


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