Top Short Hairstyles For Men That You Have Been Looking For


We are all so conscious about our hair and hairstyles that we sport and it’s nothing surprising to keep looking for something better and better. When it comes to short hairstyles for men, there are lots of cool options available and you have the liberty to choose from them at your own will. Obviously, short hair looks so cool and give you a neat and clean look that you can wear just about anywhere. It’s nothing like you can’t get stylish with your short hair as there are so many different options to try and quite a few different ways in which you can give your hair a perfect punch of style. So, let’s check out some of the best short hairstyles for men out there and see what you can actually go with.

1. Textured Slicked Back Hairstyle With Undercut

More often than not, we associate slick back hairstyles with long or medium length hair; however, the look can very well be achieved with short-to-medium length hair as well. More unique and versatile in nature, it’s one of the best hairstyles featured in many top 10 lists at and really makes for a perfect vibe. The undercut complements the look rather nicely and gives it a perfect balance overall.

2.Textured Crop With High Fade

A textured crop always looks nice. It really is a cool short hairstyle for men that looks even better with a high fade. In fact, it is a perfect hairstyle for outdoor activities and sports because it can be managed quite easily. But that doesn’t mean it is not stylish. As a matter of fact, it really looks amazing and you don’t have to bother no matter how many times you wash your hair throughout a day. With no styling needed at all, it is your get set go hairstyle for busy times.

3. Comb Over Pompadour With A Low Fade

Pompadours are often associated with long and classic looks but here we have a slightly different hairdo. This one can be classified as a perfectly modern and fashionable hairstyle that comes with a certain classic flair. The hairstyle doesn’t just look sexy but it is quite versatile as well. Add to it a nice low fade and you have a perfect hairstyle ready to flaunt on special formal events. It’s classic and it’s modern at the same time as well.

4. Side Parted Hairstyle With Low Fade

This is yet another classic hairstyle for short hair that works perfectly for men of all ages. A touch of class is added to this trendy hairstyle with a nice side part while a chick look is achieved by creating a beautiful textured look achieved after applying good bit of styling product. The hairstyle works perfectly fine for both casual and formal occasions and will certainly draw eyes towards you.

5. Slicked Back Hairstyle With Undercut And Beard

If you have always adored a nice, textured slicked back look, this short hairstyle for men is a perfect choice for you. It never goes out of fashion and is really easy to style as well. Again, a textured look can be achieved by adding a bit of styling product and then running the fingers through or slicking it all back with a comb. The hairstyle certainly looks its best when combined with an undercut and a full grown out beard.

6. Short Comb Over Hairstyle With A Mid Razor Fade And A Handlebar Moustache

Comb over hairstyles always look amazing and when you achieve it with short hair it looks even better. Combine it with a mid razor fade on the sides to have a perfect style overall. The razor fade actually emphasises the length you have on the top and if you love to have an extravagant style then you can add handlebar moustache to the mix as well. Even though the moustache is optional, it can really bring some sweeping changes in your look overall.

7. Short Faux Hawk With Low Fade And Beard

Even the normal Faux Hawk hairstyles don’t have too long hair but if you want something even shorter then this is the look to go with. Cut it short on top and make it only a couple of inches in length all brought into the center in Faux Hawk style. A low fade on the sides and a full beard complete the look to perfection. In fact, the hairstyle has a more masculine touch to it and creates perfect vibes.

8. Frohawk Hairstyle With Shape Up

This is a perfect hairstyle to go with if you have short afro hair. In fact, you can grow your dreadlocks into sort of a faux hawk and go for a shape up style with low fade on the sides. Though not a typical hairstyle option for kinky afro hair, this one really makes for a perfectly stylish look which is not so common with such hair types.

9. Angular Brushed Back Hairstyle With A High Fade

For beautiful voluminous hair, cutting it to short-to-medium length and then brushing it back at an angle creates a perfect hairstyle for men. The hairdo can’t just be achieved easily but it will also make you feel and look a lot younger. That angular look is just awesome and looks a lot better than typical slicked back hairstyle.

10.   Buzz Cut With A High Fade

If you want to go short all out then a buzz cut is certainly the best option for you. It’s a classic short hairstyle that makes for a perfect choice if you’re willing to flaunt your face shape more than anything else. The hairstyle can be achieved with a nice high fade on sides to make it look even cleaner. The hairstyle doesn’t really need any major maintenance and can be styled quite easily as well. Obviously, that makes it a perfect choice for those busy men who have a schedule to maintain.

So, which short hairstyle for men are you going to pick then? As a matter of fact, these are not the only options you have. You can still do your research and find some more beautiful short hairstyles for men. Nevertheless, they make for the best top 10 hairstyles out there that can be achieved with short hair. All you are left with to do for now is to decide which one would look cool on you and make a choice accordingly. You really have some of the coolest options at hand to flaunt on just about any occasion.


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