Top 5 Common Weight Loss Myths


Sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits leave most of us to scale higher than the average weight metrics. Under the circumstances, proper fitness modules, exercise regimes, weight loss programs and dietary recommendations help keeping the weight in check.

However, this weight loss journey is often beset with certain myths and misconceptions. These deterrents’ prevent us from training correctly and undertaking the best measures for weight loss  Vancouver and keeping it off. Here are some common myths busted –

  1. Muscles often get converted into Fat
    It is physiologically impossible for muscles to get converted into fat. Fat cells and muscle fibers are two different structures. Muscles which are used infrequently –reduce in size and lose their intrinsic strength. Excessive calorie intake causes the accumulation of fat deposits in the area and makes it look flabby and out of shape. The layers of fat deposit on these shrunk muscles lead many of us into wrongly believing that muscles get converted into fat.


  1. It is easy to burn fat from one particular area on the body
    Well, it is not possible to burn out the accumulated fat from one particular site in the body. For example, regular performance of crunches and sit-ups does not lead to a reduction of fat content in the torso. It is important to understand that fitness regimes mobilize the fat stores from all parts of the body and are not related to the fat concentration in a particular area. So, sit ups involve as much fat content from the calves as they do from the stomach and do not lead to easy burning of fat in the region.


  1. Females bulk up by performing weight training
    Muscle size of females does not increase with weight training. Females lack specific hormones which lead to an increase in the bulkiness of their muscles. So appropriate weight training by the fairer sex leads to enhancements in the firmness, shape, strength and definition of the muscles – and not their size. In fact, most females fail to achieve their desired targets and results as they abstain from lifting enough weight.


  1. It is possible to train the lower or upper portion of a muscle
    It is physiologically impossible to train only the upper or lower portions of the muscle. The biceps and abdominals cannot be trained at only one of these points. Muscles have an insertion and origin point and a contraction in the muscle covers the entire stretch of the muscle – from the origin to its insertion. Contrary to popular belief, Eziber Curl recommended for the biceps, does not work on the lower section of the muscles alone and affects its entire length.


  1. No pain no gain
    This again is not true. Painful exercises and soreness in muscles do not fetch the best results- in fact they denote improper performance methods. Exercise programs should be initiated at a level which induces negligible levels of pain or muscular stress. This leads to progressive strengthening of tendons, muscles and ligaments and prepares them for higher and more strenuous levels of exercise.

As the body gets attuned to the stress created by a particular exercise, its intensity and duration should be increased– gradually. Understanding the truth behind these myths helps in taking up fitness regimes the correct way and brings about effective reductions in weight loss.

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