Surprising Benefits of Camphor


Camphor is a strong, white, and transparent fluid that is the sap found in a large evergreen tree in Asia Pacific known as Camphor Laurel. It is used for a number of purposes from cooking to pain relief and famous around the world for its multiple health benefits. Many people use camphor oil because it is antiseptic, anesthetic, stimulant, and sedative properties. Below, you will find some of the top benefits of camphor oil. Read them and make the most out of the oil by using it for different useful purposes:

Sedative and Anti-inflammatory:

The camphor oil is an anti-inflammatory.  Because it also have cooling and penetrating properties, it can be very helpful for both internal and external inflammation. The oil is known to provide peace and freshness to the body and mind of a person. During hot days, you can also mix the oil with the bathing water and can get extra sensation of coolness. You can also add it in your drinking water as it contains properties to disinfect water. As far as food is concerned, one or two drops of camphor oil can keep foods safe from insects.

Good for Hair Growth:

Hair loss can occur because of many various factors. Camphor oil is useful for your hair also. You can mix it with your regular oil and can apply it to your scalp regularly. In a short time period, you should notice improved hair growth on your scalp. This happens as the oil stimulates your blood flow. You can also do a massage of camphor oil for the treatment of different hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, and others.

Good for Pain Relief

Camphor oil can also be used to get relief from different type of pains. You can use it for pain, swelling, and other issues because it can act as a counter irritant. You can also use different pain relief creams or sprays that contain camphor oil as one of the essential ingredients. By using that product, you can get instant relief from pain and swelling and can concentrate on your other activities in a normal way.

You can also use camphor for different skin problems like itching or rashes. You just need to wash the affected area with a mixture of camphor and water and you will see the results beyond your expectations.

Can Work as an Insecticide:

Camphor can also work as an insecticide. You can use it to get rid of ants, bugs and other small insects. With this oil, you don’t need to use other chemicals to get rid of ants or bed bugs. Just dissolve camphor in water and sprinkle it over the affected areas.  For bed bugs, you can keep camphor in a cloth bag and can keep it between the mattresses of your bed.

Good for Sleep:

Sleep is one of the important things every human requires, with studies showing an optimal 6 to 8 hours in a dayfor a strong and clear mind and healthy. People who don’t get adequate sleep face difficulties in their life and their health is also affected. There are many researches that the fragrance of camphor oil has the tendency to provide calming effects to the mind of a person and it can help him or her to have a better sleep. What you can do it to drop a few drops of the oil on the pillow and can rub it to get a peaceful sleep.

Good for Respiration and Breathing:

One of the best properties about Camphor oil is that it can also improve respiration and breathing. By providing instant respiratory relief, it removes all the blockages in the respiratory system and make the person feel good. It gives a great comfort to your nasal tracts, larynx, lungs, and other things related to the respiratory system.


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