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Whiplash injury is a frequently and commonly treated condition at many pain management centers. When you experience injuries to your neck, caused by sudden movements of the head, could be either forward, sideways, or backward, this causes “whiplash.” Whether you encounter this problem from sports, car, or work-related accident, neck injuries or whiplash injuries warrant a complete and detailed examination from a chiropractic pain management GA expert.

Whiplash, if the treatment does not receive immediate attention on time, can lead to painful conditions that push you to deal with aches and pains. It can also be severe that even the most menial tasks you carry out on a daily basis could seem like a problem, cause mild annoyance and prevent you from turning your head around or sideways to attend to other tasks. No matter the pan intensity of the injury, ignoring it can lead to long-term chronic pain.

The Mechanism of Severe Whiplash Injuries

Most commonly, whiplash results from a road collision/impact that causes a sudden jerk to the head back and forth beyond the normal limit. When this happens, the ligaments and muscles that support the spine over-stretch or even tear. In the vertebrae, the discs between can tear, rupture or bulge and it will reduce the range of motion of the body. The nerve roots and spinal cord at such times are irritated, choked and stretched. A problem with whiplash is that all the symptoms can take many years to develop fully and at most times, do not seek the treatment until other complications build up. In the past, detecting soft tissue problems was not easy. According to the American Pain Society, “even after some victims of whiplash settle for their insurance claims, about 45% report that they continue to suffer from pain symptoms after two years.” However, with the invention of new devices such as Ultra Sound, Magnetic Imaging and CAT Scans, detecting soft tissue injuries is easier and insurance companies cover most whiplash injuries.

The Symptoms

When you visit a chiropractor such as one at Kroll Care when no bones break and the head does not strike the windshield, some typical symptoms can include:

  • Neck pain complains (about 62-98%)
  • Headaches complain (about 66-70%)
  • Arm and shoulder pain

Some other symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Dizziness
  • Blurry vision
  • Vertigo
  • Nausea
  • Stiffness or low back pain
  • Difficulty when swallowing
  • Tingling and numbness
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in the face or jaw
  • Arms, hands, or leg pain
  • Ringing sounds in the ear

Note, if you experience any one of these symptoms following an accident or injury to your head, you should consult a chiropractor near you as soon as possible.

The Chiropractic Approach to Whiplash

The chiropractic care approach to such injuries is the use of specific and gentle adjustments in order to help restore the function of the spine. Rehabilitation exercise follows the program in order to help the pain subside and your joints function well. A chiropractic session incorporates a good range of postural correction exercises, neurological rehabilitation, and muscle strengthening to recondition the neurological and musculature system of the neck to reduce the discomfort level.

Interesting Facts about Whiplash

  • If you have this injury in the initial stages, a reclined seat that is poorly postured or far when driving can increase the intensity of the injury and pain
  • If the headrests of your car are too low or at a correct height of more than about two inches from the head, they will increase the risk significantly of the whiplash injury increasing
  • Age also plays an important role. When the body becomes older, the ligaments also become less pliable, flexibility of the muscles reduces since they become weaker and the range of motion decreases
  • Children and women seem to encounter this injury more often, compared to men. This is because their heights are shorter. This means they are too close to the airbag/steering wheel or have improper fitting shoulder seatbelts/harness
  • Many insurance companies also cover the full costs of chiropractic care after road traffic accidents
  • Other pre-existing problems of the health such as arthritis lead to the severity of the whiplash injury.

Keep in mind that even if you feel normal following an accident, without any pain symptoms, you still need t visit your doctor for a thorough examination. The symptoms may delay for a few days but in some cases, they may not even surface for some years after. A worse condition of the problem can cause symptoms after about five years and in the end, it can lead to secondary problems such as premature disc degeneration and osteoarthritis.

Present research says that exercise and manual therapy can focus on regaining the function of the neck, and it is the most effective treatment compared to other types. Especially if you begin the treatment at an early stage, you can surely see some great results within no time. Take your time and be sure to seek the help of an experienced chiropractor in your area.

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