Identify these Mental health symptoms – Do Not Ignore!


Human Brain is a miraculous organ. As much as it is fascinating, the complexity with which the human brain functions is amazing. With more than 100 billion nerves that communicate in trillions of connections called synapses, it is quite an astonishing feat that the human brain pulls off on a daily basis. We function smoothly everyday without even being aware of the fact that our brain is working with some millions and millions of neurons assigning individual tasks to every single nerve to carry out day-to-day physical and emotional activities.

Now the topic in concern being what are the different signs and symptoms of mental health that need our immediate attention. It is important to understand that mental health deterioration might happen at any age irrespective of gender and status. Studying a person closely is the key to understanding the various signs and symptoms. There may be a negligible behavioural pattern that   can be the trigger to a very serious mental health disorder in the future. It is in our nature that we have always given primary importance to our physical health than our mental health. It is nothing but the social stigma attached with it. People often do not feel the need to seek professional care on the fear of being marked as “crazy”, “mad”, “depressed”, “psycho”, “insane”, “ weirdo”; well there is a never-ending list of labels that are slapped on their face. Some also think that it is better to suffer in the disturbing crusade than popping pills for the rest of their life. They put on a facade when trying to communicate with the outside world but otherwise it is the seclusion and withdrawal they are in love with.

Signs and symptoms that are indicative of a future deterioration of mental health

Nobody likes being called names, but the negligible symptoms associated with mental health if left untreated, can cause a havoc and can be life-threatening. There is no one better than a specialised medical professional who will be able to help you alleviate these symptoms and take charge of your life afresh.

So, here are some probable signs and symptoms that we tend to ignore but should never be.

Suicidal Intentions If you have been contemplating suicide at every little fights and quarrels or for no reason at all, yes, it is high time you must visit a doctor. After some time, you might think that the suicidal thought was not intentional, but one day you might lose control over yourself and commit the unthinkable.

Suicidal thoughts are generally harvested when people think of themselves as worthless, trapped, suffocated and unhappy in life, hopeless. Instead of self-improvement or self-assessment, people consider self-harming is the only option to a happier self. Such thoughts require immediate attention.

It is better you seek professional help than speak to your family or friends who might just shrug it off saying “You’ve gone totally mad. Sort your life out”. That’s the last thing we’d want to hear.

Hallucination Certain medications are a common cause of hallucination; but if you are hallucinating without the effect of any medicines, you need help big time. Seeing unexplainable visions and hearing non-existent voices, it is a potent sign that your brain is not functioning and the neurons are not connecting to operate sane. Help is needed, do not shy away from consulting a medical professional.

Paranoia Are you feeling paranoid for no reason? Do you feel you are at someone’s constant radar? Do you feel being followed at all times and someone trying to hurt you? Have you suddenly come to the conclusion that every single person you have known for years are actually hypocrites? These are some of the signs that immediate medical help is required. Don’t already conclude that you are a schizophrenic patient or a victim of delusional disorder. It might just be a cause of serious anxiety problem.

Don’t leave it untreated. Talk to your psychiatrist. Take medical opinion. Seek help.

De-motivation Lack of motivation is a serious symptom that cannot be overlooked. A sudden feeling of de-motivation is generally seen in people suffering from depression. Not finding interest in any activity, not having the willingness to get out of bed, poor appetite; basically you find no interest in performing even the daily activities to survive.

Depression is not just a passing phase and a severely depressed patient needs psychiatric help to get rid of future mental health issues.

Self-loathing & Self-destruction —  You are totally prejudiced against yourself, you want everything around you to come to an end, you want to destroy you perfectly carved out life; if this is the case, please consider seeking a medical help. A foul fight with your loved one might make you think you are not good enough for anything, but when this behaviours turns into a habit so much so that you hate the very sight of yourself on the mirror or try to convince yourself that your existence is worthless, you are a victim of severe depression.

Stop punishing yourself by isolation, speak out and try to get help from a professional.

Panic-based behaviour — Do you experience panic attacks on the slightest of plights? The panic and fear that patients suffering from mental health issues experience is on a broader spectrum. These people fear anything and everything. They feel afraid of any social gatherings, animals, people around and situations. Their fear-based behaviour reaches to such an extreme level that they might even start following superstitions and rituals to ward off any illogical fears coming their way.

Some unjustifiable fear is driving your life and you need to come off it. Consult a Psychiatrist Online doctor to get a grip of your life ahead.

Identifying unnatural behavioural exhibit, even if it is at the minutest level needs to be addressed. People suffering from mental health issues needs love and care. They don’t need your theories and sermons on mental health issues or any reasoning for that matter. Name-calling is the last thing they can cope up with. Show support and help them overcome the difficulties they are facing.

Talk to them and take them to a counselling session from a psychotherapist.

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