How to lose weight fast on the treadmill


Training on the treadmill is an excellent method to burn extra calories effectively in a very short time. It is an intense cardio exercise that demands constant energy, accelerates pulsations and uses accumulated fatty deposits. Want to know how to lose weight fast on the treadmill? Buy a treadmill availing the best discounts using Amazon coupons and get yourself in proper shape. 

If you usually train in the gym, a few minutes of running on the treadmill can help you stay fit and lose weight in a healthy way. On the treadmill, you control the situation (you don’t run on asphalt or on the mountain) and you can plan the training on the treadmill, varying times and intensities. Do not look so much at the kilometers you are able to travel (leave that for outdoor training) but in the effort involved in doing so. This machine offers you other possibilities that you should take advantage of to eliminate kilos faster by running on the belt.

Control the times when you start running on a treadmill, follow a healthy low-fat diet, combine the treadmill with other sports and exercises and also take note of the keys to lose weight on the treadmill we propose.

The best machine to lose weight is the treadmill. There’s no more. For its reliability and the type of exercise that is done, the treadmill is one of the best ways to get rid of those extra kilos. Perhaps you have been intuiting it for a long time and you have been incorporating a few minutes of continuous running into your daily routine for several months. But, for some strange reason, you are not seeing the results … Why?

Although each case is special and each has a different metabolism, I venture to guess that your problem is in how you run on the treadmill. Keep in mind that when you pursue a specific fitness goal, you should pay special attention to all the details to achieve your purposes. Here are 10 essential tricks to lose weight using the treadmill.

How to train on the treadmill to burn more calories?

There are many runners and athletes in general who believe that their training on the treadmill is boring and inefficient. When this happens, something fails and you must consider your goals and your training methods. If your goal is to lose weight fast on the treadmill, take note of these tips and guidelines to follow.

The preheating is always important but, in the case of the race on the belt, it is usually neglected. In a matter of seconds: arriving, putting on your shoes and starting to run “all in one” is frequent and is a mistake. Make ankle turns, exercises that give you flexibility … Even if you don’t believe it, in this way, your time on the treadmill will spread much more

Run at intervals – Get the most out of the treadmill. Running at a constant pace is something you can do on the street. It’s not about that. Play with times and intensities (fast pace, jogging, sprints …) to lose weight on the treadmill quickly: the pace changes in the stride are the “secret” formula to accelerate the loss of kilos on the treadmill. Although not essential, music can help you not get bored on the treadmill. Alternate melodies that invite you to “give it all” with quieter ones. Listen to them while running and adapt to the rhythm.

Move your arms 


The swinging of arms, forward and backward, with the elbows flexed, not only improves the momentum in the race but also implies putting the muscles of the upper body and the abdominal muscles to work more intensely. The more muscle groups work, the greater the calorie-burning and weight loss. Do not run holding handlebars or support points with your hands.

Change the inclination of the treadmill – Slimming more or less depends on your level of demand and effort. After running a few minutes in the plane,  try tilting the treadmill at a specific time interval. Remember that every step you take in “costs”, “is worth” double and will help you lose weight faster.

Hold on a little more – Always depending on your physical condition and training level, when you finish the session, propose to run 2 – 4 more minutes on the treadmill at a comfortable and decreasing rate. You will lower pulsations and your muscles will return to their resting state little by little, maintaining the burning of calories during that period of time.

Give yourself a few minutes of recovery – If you are one of those who finish the training on the jump belt this may interest you. Finishing the stroke routine, without letting the muscles recover slowly, can cause serious injuries and slow the recovery of your body. Instead, finishing the training by gradually lowering the intensity of the race is much more natural, safe and, “you get the body to work harder, and add more minutes to the fat-burning session. Keep in mind that the body begins to burn fat after the first 17 minutes of cardio, so the longer you lengthen your session, the more fat you will burn.

Forget the weights – If your main goal is to lose weight, then forget about running with weights. That will only make you run more but it looks like you running in a race. Without having heavy weights, you will run faster, longer and stronger. Keep in mind that well treadmill training should leave you exhausted. If after your session you feel that you could incorporate weights into your training plan, it means that you have not trained with the required level of intensity.

Intensity is more important than the number of kilometers


The treadmill makes you focus on the technique and accuracy of the speed, inclination, pulsations, intensity … All factors are controllable! Therefore, when you run on a treadmill you must look for the quality of the training and not obsess with the distance traveled.

Gradually increase the speed


Gradually increasing the speed will help you increase the level of demand of the session. When it comes to burning calories, the main key is the beats per minute. The more keystrokes, the more calories are burned. When you acquire enough physical form to withstand a certain career pace, your pulsations are also habituated and end up making less effort to withstand the level. That’s why I encourage you to always run away from your comfort zone.

Change your routine – One of the biggest risks you have, when you work cardio, is to fall into the workout routine. Therefore, you have to try to include variants so you will not get bored with your daily sessions. Remember that if you do this it is because you like it.

Make circuits – There is no reason that forces you to separate cardio workouts and bodybuilding workouts. They are perfectly compatible and, combined, powerfully multiply their results. If you already follow a fitness program in the gym, you can take advantage of the breaks between each series to ride the treadmill. In this way, you will keep the intensity and level of pulsations stable throughout the session.

Run with music – I do not reveal any great secret if I affirm that motivation is essential to be constant in the gym. Therefore, you have to enjoy your fitness plan. In addition to distracting you, it will help you to keep a steady pace. It is proven that, when we run listening to music at the same time, we tend to synchronize the rhythm of the running with the rhythm of the music.

These are the keys to losing weight faster on the treadmill. Combine this with other sports exercise and a diet healthy and balanced, not only will achieve a great physical shape but an enviable figure.


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