How to Avoid Coronavirus During travel? An Ultimate Guide


Are you curious to know about the tips to avoid Coronavirus during traveling? You are at the right place. This blog will tell you about the tips to avoid coronavirus. But listen, do you know that the WHO has declared an emergency in most of the worldly nations? You should know before traveling. I was about to book for my Agadir Holidays but stuck to know that it is not safe to travel in the major coronavirus outbreak.

Tips to Avoid Coronavirus During travel:

Here are some of the tips you should follow to avoid before or during the traveling experience.

Should You travel to Such a Critical Situation?

This is a pre-travel question and very important. Is this really important to travel? If it is, you should then see the possibility of traveling.

Research About The No Go/ Safe to Go Destinations:

This is important. You should know about the destinations you should not travel because of the major coronavirus outbreak. China is the center of that virus and you should not visit the country and its neighboring for the time. So this is not your option now. You should now look to the other destinations. Other major countries like Germany, Italy, the USA, India, Iran, Pakistan are coronavirus affected.

African countries are safe as yet, but there is a problem maybe. African belt has banned the entrance of the Europeans on their land because of the threat of the coronavirus in Africa. That is pretty cool to accept I guess. Mexico also bared Americans to enter their border due to the same threat. So most of the countries in the world now are in great depression over the unfortunate outbreak of the very bad virus.

Ain’t you a patient or already ill?

If you have a fever, cough, flu or any seasonal disease, you should not travel, rather you should visit a doctor to take the proper treatment. It can be a coronavirus infection but I wish it is not.


This is a favor you are doing for yourself and of course the society. Don’t cause the further spread of the pandemic. You are a responsible citizen of earth and have a responsibility to save it. If you are feeling fever and flu. Never travel. You will be kept in the airport and will be sent to your home back if the airport authorities are that alert.

Travel but with all the Preparations:

See, if it is that necessary to travel for you, then you should take the extra measures for avoiding the major dangerous virus. You should not take it lightly, be serious and pack the right things with you. You can take the help of packing applications downloading them in your android or smartphones but will they guide you about coronavirus threat and packing accordingly? It is hardly possible.

Pack things smartly. Do you have pairs of Masks? Mask is an important thing you can never miss if you are traveling to the destination outside. Keep that in your mind. Keep wearing the mask all the time when you are outside.

Gloves are also important. You should also pack the pairs of gloves for any use during your travel experience. Waste the gloves after some hours of use because it would not be healthy to overuse a thing which has chances of getting the virus.

Also carry the Handwasher, and sanitizer with you to be safe. It would help you in your traveling to be safe. Sanitizer should be used frequently before and after touching any material that can affect you with the virus.

Also, pack the first aid box following any of the symptoms of Coronavirus you feel in you.

Don’t Rush to the Hospital:

If you are in your hotel room and feeling any of the symptoms of coronavirus, don’t rush towards the hospitals. Get to know the emergency number given to the people. By dialing the number, a team will visit you in your hotel room and will start your cure. If it would be necessary, they can shift you to the hospital too.


Doctors are advising very clearly, don’t rush to the emergencies of the hospitals, it will not work right.

Don’t handshake – it is harmful:

Hand Shaking is now not compulsory. It is a virus threat so you should use expressions from the distance to greet each other. Remember, it is to protect yourself. Don’t touch any other body if it is not that necessary. Avoiding sitting near the patients and ill people in the flight. Is this the case, inform the flight attendants to change your seat or take that fellow traveler in isolation.

This virus will go long to a month or two months but it will come to eng and will allow all the industries to work as they were working. We can hope and wish for a good time.

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Hi, this is Maria from UK, I am a travel blogger, who love writing original and quality content on the exotic destinations around the world. It is an honor for me if some traveler could get a guideline on choosing cheap holiday packages to morocco or any other travel tips and tricks. I have been through all the packing and travel relevant experiences, so, I would be glad if my idea could inspire someone.


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