Dental Care for Kids with Special Needs – A Discourse


Kids with special healthcare requirements often have severe oral problems that are quite difficult to treat. Their enhanced incidence of anxiety that accompany their existing disabilities often makes it more challenging for the parents or caregivers to cater to their needs and provide optimum care for them.

In case of the kids with special needs, the medical issue that is pressing often takes focus and the dental care can take the back seat. But the real issue is that these kids are more prone to dental issues than the kids who do not require the special needs.

Skill and compassion are vital features of any successful dental practice and the top dentist in Fresh Pond Rd suggests that with pediatric dentists who deal with kids with special needs, these are absolutely imperative.

Common Conditions of Kids with Special Needs

The children who suffer from the chronic developmental, physical, emotional and behavioral conditions are said to have special needs. They usually require extensive medical and dental services as they have limitations while conducting their daily activities. Down syndrome, palate or cleft lip, neurological disorders, hearing impairments, cerebral palsy and vision happen to be the common medical conditions requiring special care. The limitations that they have in their daily lives call for more extensive dental care.

Oral Conditions that the Kids Suffer from

Genetic disorders and down syndrome can give rise to delays in the eruption of teeth and that can sometimes extend up to a couple of years.  The kids, under such circumstances, can also have congenitally missing teeth, extra or malformed teeth eruption. The poor alignment or crowding can leave the kids prone to the tooth decay or gum disease as their teeth are quite challenging to keep clean. Children may also end up grinding their teeth in case of cerebral palsy or intellectual disability. This makes the teeth flat as the enamel is gradually broken down because of constant grinding.

Gum disease and tooth decay can also be a result of a kid’s impaired connective tissue disorders and immunity system. Most of the medications that they have are responsible for dry mouth or contain high amount of sugar. All these enhance the tooth decay.  In fact, there are certain medications that lead to gum tissue overgrowth. That is why be sure to ask the doctor about the side effects.

Treating Kids with Special Needs

The dentists recommend bringing the kids with special needs for their first dental appointment around the age of six months or with the eruption of the first tooth. The doctor will gently assess the facial structure and inspect the mouth as a result of that.

As the child grows up the subsequent visits to the dental office incorporate the x-rays and bite check for assessing the jaw bone and roots. The dentist also looks for the signs of teeth grinding or bruxism as well as gum disease and teeth decay that are all prevalent conditions among the kids. To ward of the decay of the teeth, often plastic sealants and fluoride treatment are advised by the dentist.

Added Attention for the Kids with Special Needs

The dentists who have prior experience with kids with special needs understand their oral needs and formulate treatment plans that help with conditions like motor coordination, strength as well as cognition.

Not only that, during the time of the dental treatment, the anxiety is controlled by the sedation approved by the primary care physician of the patient. Mouth props are used as adaptations to help keep the mouth of the kids open as and when required.

Apart from that, the best dentist in Greenpoint has also come up with some common adaptations to assist kids with special needs achieve optimum oral hygiene. Just read on.

  • Specially formulated mouth rinses and toothpastes for preventing periodontal disease and decay
  • For kids with limited dexterity, specially designed toothbrushes
  • Using the wide waxed floss that can be moved easily

Apart from the above, curbing the amount of high carbohydrate and sugary drinks in the daily diet are also recommended.

The above are some of the ways that should be undertaken to ensure a comprehensive oral care for the kids with special needs. Just like the others, a regular visit to the pediatric dentist is a must for the kids. This way you can stay assured that they will be retain their pearly whites for years to come.

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