Creative Clothing To Wear For This Year’s Comic-Con


Creative Clothing To Wear For This Year’s Comic-Con

We all know how good Comic-Con is at bringing out the best of creativity out of people all around the world. It is a time for enjoyment, relaxation, quizzes, fun, and a whole lot of partying. People put up all sorts of custom clothes to be as close to their favorite characters as possible.

That is what sites like Custom Weekend aim to do. Custom clothing is going to be a serious hit at the Comic-Con this year, and you would be wise to follow suit. Donning custom shirts, custom socks, and custom apparel will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, and give you a jolt of confidence like never before.

Before you jump in and order your pair of custom apparel from Custom Weekend, make sure you read this whole article to know which hottest selling item you should don, and why it would make you stand out at Comic-Con.

Nerd wear

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways of wearing on a comic con event. If you are the one with knowledge and knows a lot about what every comic character and you are there to challenge your knowledge skills on the event then all what you have to do is just order a custom T-shirt or hoodie of your favorite comic character or your gaming character and put on a jeans or shorts at your comfort because you are the one who has the knowledge and you know as the saying goes knowledge is power. And as an alpha nerd on the event you could even say out a quote loud or prefer to be a low key it’s up to you but from your simplicity people will know to not mess with the one who has knowledge.

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman character is one of the best characters when it comes to superhero roles and her movie is released recently and the sequel is about to get aired soon so this character can be easy to follow and imitate. You have to order a custom made skirt and dress and you can order the skirt and dress up exactly like her. Don’t forget the crown as it is an important role for the character imitation as it depicts that she is the princess of the Amazon universe.

You can get this custom-tailored shirt, and more, at stores like Custom Weekend.

Harley Quinn

The villain who is loved by all the boys and you will be the talk of the town if you follow this character and make sure you don’t do any mistakes on the dress.

This character has a colored hair and a white Tee and shorts don’t forget the baseball bat which happens to be her favorite weapon to imitate this role you would need a custom tee that is as funky as the character itself you can choose it as the way you like and comfortable about the role as well. So to get this character done correctly you would need to follow the makeup correctly and have some painted tattoos on your neck and hands to complete it correctly.


This cosplay is easy to follow and a good character to start your cosplay with. Superman is loved by all he has no haters and is known for the voice he has and the smirk he gives to imitate this character you must have to get yourself a custom tee full sleeves and a pant that matches the outfit of the tee and of course the socks if you can get the shoes don’t forget the cape because there is no superman without the cape it’s like mandatory to have a cape for this character.

You might also grab some attention towards you when you do the cosplay of superman so try to give your best when donning the cape.

Captain America

This character is from the Marvel universe and is the favorite character of that universe everyone loves him he has no haters and the cosplay of this character is similar to superman get you custom tee full sleeves of this character and make sure to have his logo highlighted because the symbol plays a vital role for this character. And don’t forget the shield of Captain America because he has no cape-like other heroes he has his own way of style and that is his shield.

Get a good one though don’t mess up the shield you can also make an own one but its better if you have it ordered from a good place. For this cosplay to be precise you have to walk properly and follow his way of style to walk straight as a soldier you can also have his helmet to get to the perfection of the character.


Well here is the talk of the town if you put on a Batman costume remember that you have just imitated the hero with the craziest fan following. The batman voice will make you stand out from the crowd and mostly when you do this role don’t forget to have the perfect mask and most importantly the custom tee of batman get the cape as well as it is important to follow his cape. When you are to perform the character on the stage don’t forget to have a correct walk of the batman and the voice which is more important to the role. Say his famous dialogue so that you are acknowledged as the main hero of the show because there is no greater character than the batman himself on the superhero show. He has it all – the cars, the looks and obviously the girls.

So when you have the batman cosplay walk like you own the place and be confident at on yourself because what makes a cosplay succeed after the costume imitation is the confidence you have on your own self.

The Joker

Well, here is the most badass villain of the comic world. The Joker is as famous as Batman and this supervillain is just amazingly attractive. The character is a psychopath and he kills for satisfaction, not money. He creates his own rules and ethics and follows them to the core of the system.

To have his cosplay done you would need his custom shirt and coat. Here the main thing in the joker role is not the outfit but the makeup you wear on the face. He has lips that are actually cut so you would have to draw and extended lips through lipstick and make his eyewear too.

This character is a psychopath so when you do this cosplay says one of these dialogues and walks like how he walks which is more important than anything.

All of these characters are great, but they are also people that most fans look up to. So be sure you live up to the expectations of these characters when you don their outfits, or use some of the custom clothing at Custom Weekend. And whatever be the case, make sure you have plenty of fun at this year’s Comic-Con.



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