Common Cosmetic Treatments Done by Women in Their Late 50s

Cosmetic Treatments

You probably don’t have to be told that there are an almost infinite number of cosmetic treatments and products you can find geared towards mature women, and you might have even tried a few of them yourself. But which ones should you put your trust in, and which ones should you leave in the drugstore bargain bin? Read our guide to some of the most common cosmetic procedures women get in their 50s, and how (or whether) they work!

Injectable Fillers

Fillers are injections of chemicals that frequently either smooth away the lines of your face or add definition to features you want to be a little more in line with your perfect vision of yourself. Injectable fillers can come in a lot of different forms, but two of the most popular are nasolabial and marionette fillers. Nasolabial fillers smooth out the smile lines that reach from the end of your nose to the corner of your mouth, and marionette fillers smooth out the lines from the corners of your lips to your chin (so-called because they can look puppetlike if they’re too pronounced).

Do They Work?

Many people find success with these kinds of fillers, but make sure you’re getting them from a reputable cosmetic surgeon or clinic, and be OK with the fact that you’ll have to have them reinjected every 4 to 6 months to keep them current and effective. They’re a bit of an investment, but very worthwhile for the people who desire these kinds of cosmetic changes.

Professional Aftercare

Less a treatment in and of itself and more a way of making sure treatments work as well as they can, professional aftercare entails having qualified medical professionals take care of you after surgery (cosmetic or otherwise). While many people choose to go to a retreat or other specified location for their treatment, luxury private duty nursing is also a great option for those who would rather recover in the comfort of home. Having nurses on-hand to see you after surgery isn’t just a great way to take a load off your shoulders; putting your recovery in the hands of qualified professionals also helps to make sure you don’t accidentally make mistakes with your own aftercare.

Does it Work?

Some people would rather save money by having their spouse or friends take care of them after plastic surgery, but the expression “you get what you pay for” is a well-worn cliché for a reason. Professional aftercare is the most surefire way to make sure you’re recovering in the best and most comfortable possible conditions after surgery.

Skin Treatments

Cosmetic Treatments

There are so many skin treatments aimed at women reaching their middle years that sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Many women will try out more natural remedies for acne scars they’ve had since high school by using creams and ointments like sandalwood paste and shea butter. Others will try to ameliorate their more recent issues with wrinkles and crows’ feet with light Botox injections. There are as many ways to treat skin issues as there are types of skin, and the beauty market has a solution for each of them.

Do They Work?

As stated, there are so many ways of treating your skin that you really need to do your homework and find the method that works for your personal needs. However, there are enough skin treatments out there that we’re sure it won’t take you long to find your perfect match!

Plastic Surgery

Of course, many women will opt for a more permanent and direct form of cosmetic alteration, and that frequently comes in the form of plastic surgery. While it’s a common stereotype that people who get plastic surgery are vain or have low self-esteem, this couldn’t be further from the truth: women get plastic surgery for all different types of reasons, from facial repairs after accidents to minor alterations that help you become your best self. In fact, studies have proven that plastic surgery can help you reach a huge number of personal wellness goals, including lowering anxiety and social phobia.

Does it Work?

Plastic surgery isn’t something to undertake lightly; you always want to make sure you’re getting your procedure from a qualified, reputable professional and that you’re 100% certain that these changes are ones you’ll be satisfied sticking with for potentially your whole life. But if you’re sure of your choice and working with someone you trust, plastic surgery could help massively improve not just your appearance, but your confidence and your quality of life as well.

Hair Treatments

Cosmetic Treatments

There are many ways that women who reach middle age will try to keep their hair bright, full, and lustrous. While tints and hair dyes are some of the common ways to bring your hair back to its original color, hair masks that hydrate and rejuvenate your follicles are also great options. There’s also PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, which uses injections from your own bloodstream to naturally stimulate the vibrant growth of hair. Hair treatment technology is advancing all the time, and many procedures that seemed scary or out of reach just a few years ago don’t feel so far-fetched now.

Do They Work?

As always, make sure you’re using treatments and working with professionals that have proven their mettle, because your hair is very sensitive, and the wrong treatment can lend itself to permanent damage. But if you’ve done your research and know what kinds of chemicals will work best for the color and consistency of your personal mane, you should be good to go!

How do You Know What’s Right for You?

Cosmetic Treatments

As you’ve no doubt seen, there can be an overwhelming number of options for maturing women when it comes to reaching their beauty goals, and sometimes it can be tough to pick which ones you want to focus on. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you pick which path to your new beauty regimen you want to start down:

  • Who am I Doing This For?

Studies will tell you that plastic surgery and other beautification processes can be fantastic for your self-esteem and overall outlook on life if you’re doing it for the right reasons. Make sure you’re picking your beauty goals for yourself and not anyone else in your life.

  • How Long Has this Treatment Been Around?

Lots of fly-by-night hucksters will try to sell you on treatments and products that have no certification from the FDA or tangible track record of success. Before falling into someone’s get-pretty-quick scheme, make sure what you’re getting into is the real McCoy and that the person you’re getting it from has the right credentials.

  • What Kind of Body Do I Have?

It might seem to be out of left-field, but remembering things like how you’ve reacted to certain foods and medications can also help you decide what kinds of beauty treatments are right for you. Checking the ingredients and chemicals on whatever product you decide to use should always be your first step before you decide to commit.

The Final Word

Only you can decide what’s right for your own measure of beauty. These are only some of the most common ways women choose to improve their self-image, and finding the right one for you might be a long—but fun!—journey. Always trust your instincts and remember to focus on what makes you feel good, no matter what.


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