Celebrating A Mother’s Strength This Mother’s Day


Mother is not merely a word but a great source of feelings, emotions, and blessings for everyone. A mother is a person who binds the whole family together and holds everything in her pace. She works day in and day out to accomplish her duties and rarely gets time for herself. A mother performs various characters in the family to keep the members happy and nourished all the time. A mother is a cook for the family, an ideal homemaker, a nurse for her sick in-laws/family members, a friend for her children and husband, an entertainer for the gloomy and bored children, and much more. She mocks the saying, ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ because a mother is indeed the Jack and master of all.

To define a mother’s significance, her efforts and contributions towards the family, in words, is quite futile. A mother possesses various strengths and qualities that help her fulfill all the duties excellently. Her extraordinary power enables her to plan for any unexpected circumstances gallantly. At times, when family members get hysterical, she embraces them and consoles that everything will be fine. On this mother’s day, we should accept, comprehend and extol her extraordinary strengths which we have listed below, in a fair way.


1. Ability to Emerge Victorious Amongst All Odds– A mother is bequeathed with a feature that allows her to outdo all the challenges and obstacles in a smooth way. For instance, Mrs. Suvarna Raj, a para-athlete who rose triumphant regardless of her physical limitation and has grown as a motivation for several women around the country and overseas. Regardless of being uniquely-abled, she struggled against various odds and earned numerous national and international prizes in table tennis championships. Mrs. Suvarna Raj still has a lot to accomplish in her fight for equality for uniquely-abled people, and we honor her triumphant spirit. Several other mothers are undergoing various other struggles against the stringent society, and Mrs. Suvarna Raj can be an inspiration for them. If she can conquer her physical difficulty, we can indeed surpass our imaginative barriers. And that would be a wonderful mothers day gifts.

2. Ability to Handle Immense Pressure and Difficult Conditions – Women are skilled with the feature of resilience and patience, which makes them stronger. Nevertheless, a mother’s flexibility must not be confused with her vulnerability. Quiet storms can create the gravest havoc possible. The tale of Madhu Sharma is an excellent illustration of this feature as she nurtured her three kids with sheer patience and perseverance. However, she was not given any financial aid from her alienated husband. Likewise, numerous women are not treated well by their in-laws and have withstood tremendous pressure from society. However, still, they have not altered their path and are marching ahead with dedication. On this Mother’s Day, we praise such mothers and feel exultant in sharing their tales.


3. The Virtue of Courage and Dedication– In our male governing civilization, it takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength for a lady to create her place amongst her male equivalents. Monica Sharma is among such women, apart from being a mother of a 6-year-old son, who challenged absolute darkness being visually impaired in her route towards victory. She not just paved her way into a multinational company like IBM but is also manages her dual obligations of being a working professional and a mother quite well. The difficulties that she has encountered during pregnancy and anticipating to give birth to an average child are incomprehensible. She has exceeded all odds regardless of being visually impaired and is relishing an inspirational life.

4. Fearless and Brave Hearted Attitude– A woman is usually comprehended to be soft and delicate in appearance. Still, her spirit is a powerhouse of braveness that provides her the much-needed strength to grow courageous and defeat tough circumstances. The tale of Poonam and Sonal, founders of CanKids, which is an NGO for children enduring cancer, speaks a lot regarding these two moms. They began their battle against cancer because of their fearless attitude and inner strength. Both these women have handled cancer quite closely. While Mrs. Poonam Bagai has herself suffered the trauma and defeat cancer, Mrs. Sonal Sharma is the mother of a cancer surviving young daughter. A fabulous reason to celebrate with best mothers day cakes. However, none of them submitted to their dismay, and post a successful rehabilitation devoted their entire lives to the charitable goal of childhood cancer therapy. Apart from these two moms, others are also fighting against fatal illnesses and are holding their families together through these difficult times.


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