Can A Facelift Reverse The Aging Effects Of Stress?


This is truly a wonderful time of the year, the holidays around the corner with a bone touching chill in the air. However, for some people, the holiday season can be a stressful one. Whether it is cooking a big family dinner for your family or getting gifts, decorating or making plans, it can all add up to your stress!

Stress could come from a good variety of factors in your life and it can negatively affect aspects of your health. Along with stress from personal life, other notable effects include fatigue, lack of sleep and overeating, which all lead to harsh results for your lifestyle and health. A major area that stress tends to target is the face, causing aging lines or wrinkles to appear even before we actually age.

The fact is that a face communicates a lot about our personality, our emotions, expressions and us as a person. As stress takes a toll, wrinkles develop and facial features start to display effects of stress and other factors like sun exposure and environmental hazards. With excessive stress, fatty deposits also accumulate around the eyes, the jowls, and the skin sag or loosen. Over time, your levels of creativity and friendliness will hide or people will mistake it by an overall uninterested or unhappy look. At such times, a facelift is a highly recommended surgery to reverse the aging signs, revealing a more natural and younger individual.

What Does a Facelift Involve?

A facelift surgery for women involves a series of different techniques. The layers of the lower face often receive repositioning from Crispin Plastic Surgery experts to tighten the skin and restore your facial shape and definition. They manipulate the deep facial structures to lift and release the tissue muscles to help attain an expressive look. Often, surgeons with approval from their patients combine other procedures at the same time, such as a neck lift. Performing this together keeps the neck and lower neck appearing as the same aesthetic unit.

Some surgeons also perform the facelift surgery simply to tighten the loose skin and wrinkles. However, the results of this surgery decrease quickly with time, resulting in distortion of your facial features, stretching the skin, and swelling. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons always recommendsA great surgeon should always have concerns about a patient’s comfort, safety, satisfaction and long-term results.” Keeping this in mind, it is advisable that you first evaluate how well experienced your surgeon truly is, and whether they are board certified.

What a Facelift Surgery Is Not Meant To Do

You should know that a facelift surgery does not help to improve the texture of the skin or permanently smooth out the fine lines that occur on your face as you age. All it does it stretch out and pull the facial skin to hide the stress lines that change your facial features by simply flattening them. This cosmetic surgery tightens underlying facial tissues so that their structure restores. The surgery involves intends to bring a natural and refreshed, younger-looking you!

Note that facelifts do not correct and treat all areas of your face. If you need a nose reshape, you will have to opt for a Rhinoplasty, for baggy eyelids the blepharoplasty surgery is a recommendable one.

Facts about the Facelift Surgery in Reversing Aging Signs

  • As you grow older, aging continues to occur and a surgery cannot stop your aging process. It only helps to reverse accumulated aging signs. The procedure discards excess fat and skin during the surgery. Any bagging or sagging results in fat herniation continued aging or loss and accumulation of tissue elasticity.
  • The results of the facelift last for a good number of years. However, you need to know that since the elasticity of the tissues diminishes with age, the results of the surgery will also fade. At such times, you may need a revision surgery or depending on what your surgeon recommends.
  • Sometimes, you may need other surgical procedures such as a brow lift surgery to support the surgery results.
  • Facelift surgeries cannot re-inflate your face. Surgeons may use fillers in the groove between the upper cheek and lower eyelid.
  • A facelift surgery often produces great results in the neck and jowls, but be aware that the results vary from patient to patient who tends to have fat or heavy tissues.
  • Surgeons use different techniques during the procedure, all aimed at providing an un-operated and natural appearance.

Whether you just want your fat deposits on your face too become less visible, or want your fine lines to disappear due to stress, a facelift surgery may just be the answer to all your concerns. It helps to smooth out your skin and shed years off your face, leaving you with a rejuvenated and glowing face.

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