How Bodybuilding Can Cause or Affect Your Hemorrhoid


We know, in most cases dehydration, not responding timely to the call of nature, poor diet that lacks fiber-enriched foods are contributing factors that work behind hemorrhoid occurrence. Due to the above-mentioned factors your stool gets dried up. You cannot clear your bowel smoothly and normally. And this causes you strain during bowel movement and that leads to hemorrhoids. But there is also another factor which is lesser known. We often ignore it and we are not conscious when we do it. This factor is bodybuilding that includes heavy lifting, weightlifting. We are putting them all together.

Bodybuilding and your hemorrhoid

When you lift up something heavy it can cause you hemorrhoid and you are not even aware when it happens. When you are having hemorrhoid trouble and unconsciously lifting heavy materials it can worsen your hemorrhoid situation. It is better to be alert. So, how can bodybuilding get you hemorrhoid? Good question.

You form hemorrhoid while bodybuilding or heavy lifting by doing the lifting wrong.

When you are lifting something heavy, you are lifting the stuff upward and breathing heavily and putting the body pressure downward, which means toward your anus area. Which definitely you should not do. Big NO NO.

This puts your anus under pressure when you are breathing downward. It causes you to strain on your anus which leads to hemorrhoids. Instead of pushing your breath downward toward the anus area, push the breath upward toward the glottis, or your closed mouth or toward your nose.

Home remedies

Don’t make a big fuss. You can easily get rid of hemorrhoid troubles following simple health rules and home remedies. You can use soothing creams and apply on your hemorrhoid. Or you can use witch hazel pads to numb the sufferings. Soak your anus in warm water every day for 10 to 15 minutes. It will give you relief. You will feel better. Do not apply soap or chemicals on affected areas. Keep it clean always, clean it with clean water when you clean it.

After each time you go to the toilet, clean your hemorrhoid areas and wash with water. Apply soft gentle moist tissues. But make sure you use water to clean it. DO NOT JUST WIPE WITH TISSUES. This is unhealthy anyway to clean after toilet without using water.   It’s gross and yucky. Even more unhealthy and health hazard when you have hemorrhoid! You must use water after toilet, always.  You can also use natural product like venapro  as home remedy.

Safety measures

If you have hemorrhoid do not do the heavy lifting. When you see that heavy lifting causing you bleeding, do not continue it. You can do the light exercises. Discuss with your physician and physical instructor about your problem and do as they prescribe and suggest.

Lift properly

Lift properly, when you lift, keep your back straight, bend your knees and make sure your back is straight; do not put the pressure on your back. Put the pressure on your glutes and quadriceps as you lift up from the floor.



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