Best energy supplements of 2020

energy supplements

Feeling sleepy at the desk? Don’t feel like doing any activity? This means you are low on your energy. Here are some of the supplements that will help you to boost up your energy. These supplements consist of ingredients that are proven to give an energy boost.

While some studies have proven that consuming a limited amount of caffeine is good for health, the excessive amount of caffeine can have some adverse effects such as jitters, crankiness, nervousness, headaches, and many other health problems.

If you find that having a cup of coffee does not wake you up, then you can add some of the supplements in your everyday routine that will boost up your energy.


Turmeric is one of the most popular supplements that help in treating pain, including joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. The chemical compound in the turmeric that helps in relieving the pain is called curcumin. Curcumin has some of the anti-inflammatory effects.

Although there is limited research on turmeric for joint pain, according to the studies found that turmeric improves the symptoms of joint pain more as compared to placebo. Turmeric is also considered to be one of the best joint supplements.

Gaia herbs energy vitality

The main aim of this herb is to boost up the energy and increase the stamina of the body. It is a blended mixture of ginseng, Schisandra, green tea extract, and many other herbs. Ginseng is known as an energy booster which gives some mild refreshing effect.

It is commonly used by people who feel fatigued. It helps in boosting physical as well as mental activity. According to some studies, it is shown that Schisandra is used as an adaptogen which means it not only protects your body from stress but also has some energy properties.

energy supplements

If you start feeling fatigued in the middle of the day, then you can have one to three energy pills a day, in between the meals.

HUM nutrition uber energy

The HUM nutrition uber energy makes you feel more energetic without making you feel tired anymore. This supplement is high in vitamin B6, L-tyrosine, and the mixture of some herbs which has energizing qualities including eleuthero ashwagandha and Rhodiola.

L- tyrosine is the amino acid that comes from your diet which produces adrenaline and dopamine. So, there is no shock that the researcher has claimed amino acid to be a stress buster. The capsules are more effective when you consume them with your food. It is considered to be the best energy supplement.

Garden of Life B12 spray

energy supplements

The mykind organics B12 organic spray tastes exactly like raspberries and is the perfect size to consume when you are on the go. It is promoted as a supplement that boosts concentration, energy, and heart health. Vitamin B12 is used to convert food into glucose and energy. Vitamin B12 is not stored in the body, therefore it is necessary to consume it daily.

According to a study people who have a B12 deficiency, give rise to tiredness. This is mostly seen in vegans as they do not consume any meat or eggs etc and also to the people who suffer gastrointestinal problems. If you feel you have low levels of vitamin B12 in the body then you must take the best B12 supplement or spray into your daily routine.

Nuun water tablets

These water tables come in many different flavors including cherry limeade and mango orange. These water tablets are a great way to fight against fatigue since they are tasty. The water tablets consist of green tea extracts and all the vitamin B.

The NUUN water tablets give you the required energy without any sugars that many other coffee beverages and energy drinks have. Further, these supplements are mixed with some amount of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that is necessary to many of your body’s biological functions i.e everything from your nerves and muscle to your blood m pressure depends on the level of magnesium.

Putting a magnesium supplement like NUUN water supplements to your water bottle and having magnesium-rich food in your diet will make you more active and more energetic.


SAMe stands for S-adenosyl-L-methionine. It is a supplement that is commonly used to get rid of symptoms of depression and osteoarthritis. SAMe is produced by the liver through an amino acid called methionine. It performs several functions which include helping in the production and repair of cartilage. When SAMe is taken as a supplement, it helps with the symptoms of joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. It is as powerful as an anti-inflammatory drug called celecoxib. It is the best joint supplement.


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