8 Tips You Should Follow While Travelling During Coronavirus


With the ongoing pandemic at the peak, everything seems distorted and difficult to deal with. However, the situation is likely to get back to normal soon. In case you’re about to embark upon the much-awaited travel journey, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. Apart from maintaining proper distance and adhering to the hygienic practices, you must take other steps as well. Since the COVID-19 spreads through moisture droplets, you must stay away from sick people. Make sure to wear a mask and fulfill your wanderlust goals with the perfect safety measures.

Keep reading to know the tips and tricks that might help you travel smoothly during the current times of pandemic.

1.  Create a Personal Hygiene List

Travelling During Coronavirus


Proper hygiene measures are the only way to sail through and keep the COVID-19 at bay. While travelling during coronavirus you are likely to come across innumerable people. What’s worse is that you never know who’s infected and undergoing the incubation period of the disease. Make sure to create a personal hygiene and safety list containing every health essential you require during the trip. This list must contain face masks and hand sanitizers with more than 60% alcohol content, bacterial wipes, and tissue papers. Make sure to fill your bag with loads of hygiene supplies as you might not find them later.

Other hygiene practices include sanitizing your hands every 15 to 20 minutes. Also, make sure to stay away from the public properties as much as you can. Take your hygiene kit wherever you go and use the same to maintain proper sterilization and disinfection of the surfaces as well as your body.

2.  Think Before You Touch Anything

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is mindful touching of the things around you. You must realize that the current pandemic is a highly contagious one. Hence, you are likely to contract the virus even if you touch an infected public property. Be mindful of the things you touch, be it at the airport or around the travel destination. If possible, wear gloves when you reach the security checks and dump then right away. Also, keep your hands off the escalators, ATMs, as well as the chairs. You might also clean the area before touching with the bacterial wipes.

One of the most crucial aspects to stay away from COVID-19 is proper sanitization and adequate distancing. Make sure to remain distant not just from the humans, but also from public property. Along with this, keep your high-touch items like mobile, chargers, and others in a separate bag and grab the right roof rack accessories for its transportation.

3.  Prefer The Window Seat

Travelling During Coronavirus


Almost everybody loves to gaze at the clouds on a window seat during the air travel journeys. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you must prefer the window seat. This is because it keeps you distant from the other people who might be infected. According to the virus transmission-related information, the virus can’t travel two seats ahead or below the person. Hence, a window seat might help in preventing infection up to a great extent. You must keep your face away from the people sitting around you for additional protection. Keep looking outside and avoid human contact as much as possible. In the case of short journeys, don’t forget to remain seated during the entire voyage. This might decrease the human-contact considerably without any hassles.

4.  Check-In Online

While travelling, you must ensure to stay as contactless as possible. One of the most elegant ways to limit contact is through online check-in facilities available. All you need to do is download the air transport company’s app and search for a web check-in option. By doing that, you minimize the contact with customer executives as well as luggage check-in executives. You can also keep the unwanted communication that leads to droplet transmission at bay. The COVID-19 virus lingers on surfaces like metals, plastic, and others for a longer duration. With the online check-in feature, you don’t need to touch the unwanted surfaces or talk to other people. What’s even better is that you get your boarding passes on the phone itself. That way, you stay away from the risk of contraction through infected boarding passes. Make sure to check-in before you head out and keep the boarding passes ready on your phone.

Another thing to keep in mind is to reach way before your flight timings. This allows you more time to go through the security check-in without any urgency. That way, you decrease the human contact as well as adhere to the hygienic practices whenever required.

5.  Book Accommodation In Advance

Travelling During Coronavirus


Travelling to a new destination requires proper planning and strategy in advance. The current pandemic increases the need to plan before heading out to fulfil your wanderlust goals. One of the most important aspects of any trip is the bookings and ticket registrations. Don’t keep the accommodation and pool-booking for the future. You must book everything in advance to avoid human contact and unnecessary troubles. Some popular accommodation companies made pre-booking rooms as well as resorts mandatory. This is mainly to ensure minimal contact and end moment hassles. If you wish to explore an amusement park or restaurant, make it a point to book the seats as well.

These measures help in reducing the transmission of the virus via droplet contact or indirect communication. Keep the payments as digital as you can and avoid exposing your hands to the virus via currency notes and coins.

6.  Local Transportation Via Rented Vehicles

If you’re travelling via air or railways, it’s essential to get a rented car for convenience. Hiring a taxi or cab now and then might expose you to infected people. This increases the risk of transmission and also creates some issues in the convenience part. Keep the voyage smooth and rent a vehicle once you reach the destination. This is a cheap and effective way to travel during the current pandemic without worrying about the transmission. Explore any part of your favourite destination with your close ones only and avoid organized excursions.

7.  Mandatory Travel Insurance

Travelling During Coronavirus


Before heading out to unveil the secrets of nature, you must check up on your security. This calls for proper validation of the insurances like travel and health ones. You must realize that medical emergencies are inevitable while you travel. Don’t let the fear keep you from travelling, but make sure you have the precautionary measures. Sometimes, travel companies might invalidate your insurance in case of unnecessary travel. Make sure to check the latest terms and conditions to ensure that the coverage is valid for your leisure travel.

8.  Minimal Human Contact

The current pandemic took over the world by surprise, and nothing might be in place for a while. However, if you crave the hiking trails, make sure to adhere to the necessary hygienic measures. Stick to the sanitary standards by wearing face masks and applying hand sanitizers. Also, look out for how you can avoid human contact. You might prefer the web check-in, book the hotel online, and hire private vehicles to achieve such goals. Other than this, add some travel apps on your phone to clarify your doubts. You can also learn more about the destination without in-person communication with the locals.

Bottom Line

Exploring diverse locations brings utmost pleasure to the travel freaks out there. As the pandemic situation is normalizing, you might start planning your trips. However, stick to the hygienic measures and look out for better opportunities. Sit back and research about the precautionary measures during the travel spree. Also, avoid human contact and transmission by booking flights, accommodation, and tickets over the internet. Apply sanitizers regularly and take care of your reservations digitally. Don’t refrain from travelling, and always keep the precautions in mind.


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