7 Ways Quitting Drinking Makes You More Attractive


You have heard the warnings read the health risks, and you definitely know of its numerous side effects—but you still find yourself taking the occasional alcoholic drink or two. Well, apart from draining your wallet, alcohol also makes people do things that they end up regretting, leaving them feeling extremely awful the next morning.

Booze also does something else to your body, something you might not know about, or have not taken time to think about. It changes your appearance. Alcohol seriously undermines all the attempts you make to improve your beauty and health, leaving its mark on your body and face.
But the good news is that sobriety can help reverse these unwanted effects. The following are ways in which quitting alcohol helps to make you more attractive:

  1. You Get to Sleep More Soundly

A recent report published in the journal Alcoholism: Experimental and Clinical Research established that drinking before going to bed tends to increase the alpha wave patterns present in your brain. This is a type of cerebral activity that normally takes place when you are wide awake but inactive.

The result of this alpha wave patterns is that you get to experience disrupted sleep. Another review conducted on twenty-seven subjects found out that drinking may help some people to fall asleep much faster, but it eventually screws up with their sleep quality.

Giving up drinking means that you might find yourself tossing and turning in the first few days, but with time, you will start to sleep soundly, which will leave you feeling refreshed the next day. And we all know that quality sleep is important for the skin.

  1. You Will Start Eating Less Food

According to information contained in a study published in the American Clinical Nutrition Journal, drinking alcohol drives one to eat more food. This could be because drinking heightens the body’s senses.

Researchers have established that when a person takes at least two drinks, they end up eating more food. This occurs because intoxication leads to increased brain activity, which in turn makes one more sensitive to the smell of food, and ends up prompting you to continue eating. The result being obesity.

  1. You Start Losing Weight

Drinking makes you increase your calorie intake considerably. Often, this occurs without your knowledge. For instance, a single margarita contains as much as 300 calories, all of which are derived from sugar.

Results from another study have shown that men consume up to 433 additional calories on the days when they are drinking moderately. Get rid of these additional calories from your diet, and you will soon start to lose weight.

  1. Your Skin Will Clear Up

As soon as you quit drinking, you will start to notice changes happening to your skin. For instance, you will start to feel and look hydrated. This is because alcohol is a diuretic that makes you urinate more. It also messes with the production of antidiuretic hormones—which are responsible for water reabsorption. Presence of less water in your body means that your skin will start to look very dry.

  1. Your Cancer Risk Falls

According to information provided by the National Cancer Institute, drinking is often linked to an increased risk of developing rectum, mouth, colon, and liver cancer. Your risk of developing these types of cancer increases the more you drink. And we all know the kind of effect cancer has on your appearance, including the side effects that come with attending chemotherapy treatments.

  1. You Will Start to Feel Better

Alcohol often numbs up your brain. When you quit drinking, communication between the neurotransmitters and neurons in your body goes to normal. This means that you stop feeling tired and sick all the time. Drinking weakens the body, messes with your awareness, and destroys your spirit, thereby leaving you mentally, emotionally, and physically weak.

  1. A Healthy Liver

As of 2016, more than 19,000 deaths reported in the US were caused by liver-related diseases. These are diseases whose origin could be traced back to alcohol consumption. When you have been drinking for a long time, chances are that you have caused some damage to your liver. This is damage that can lead to the development of liver disorders like fatty liver, hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

However, the liver is a regenerative organ and will start to heal when you stop drinking. A healthy liver is essential for one to be healthy. A failing liver leads to the development of all kinds of health issues, which eventually affects the way you look and feel.

There you have it. You do not have a reason to continue drinking when there are so many health and beauty benefits associated with staying sober. If you have been thinking about quitting alcohol, then this is the time to make the bold decision to shun alcohol.



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