6 Wonderful Benefits Of Drinking Honey-Lemon Water


How many times have you been advised to take warm water with lemon and honey on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to reduce weight? Of all the “effective” weight loss tips floating about the internet, this seems to be the one that is quoted most often. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight has tried honey-lemon water irrespective of whether it gave the desired result or not. Does honey-lemon water help lose weight? Why is it being suggested as the best drink to be had first thing in the morning?

Lemon has citric acid and is rich in vitamin C giving it medicinal properties. It is an antioxidant with many bioactive compounds in it. Honey, on the other hand, is a natural sweetener and has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Both lemon and honey are health foods and a combination of these two cannot disappoint.

Benefits Of Drinking Honey-Lemon Water

If anecdotes are anything to go by, the weight-loss properties of honey and lemon in water is an exaggeration. What it actually does is burn fat, which is not the same thing as losing weight. The drink, however, has a plethora of health benefits. Here’s a look at what benefits this wonder drink hold.

Early Morning Energy Booster

It gives instant energy that will sustain you for a long time. Honey is an energy food. Composed mainly of simple sugars like fructose and glucose, honey gives instant calories and the energy from it. Not just that, it has carbohydrates providing 64 calories per tablespoon. During digestion, the principal carbohydrates, fructose, and glucose are quickly transported into the blood and can be utilized for energy requirements of the day.

Melts All That Fat

It looks like all these years, we have been fooled to believe honey-lemon drink aids weight loss. Nutrition researchers at Arizona State University have found that vitamin C in the blood stream is directly related to fat oxidation during both exercise and at rest. Fat oxidation is the body’s ability to burn fat and use it as a fuel source.  Research has also shown a lemon detox diet that comprises lemon juice with organic maple and palm syrups is very effective in burning fat. Now you know why so many detox diets have lemon playing the lead role, don’t you?

Helps Detox Your Body

Talking about detox diets, lemon plays an important role in detoxing your body. Lemons are rich in vitamin C which is an antioxidant that helps manufacture glutathione. Glutathione can neutralize toxins and help the liver in detoxification.

Keeps The Gut In Top Shape

Citrus fruits like lemon are antioxidants and have flavonoids that help digestion and assimilation of food into the body. The ascorbic acid in lemon stimulates gastric acid production to aid digestion. Honey, on the other hand, prevents and treats gastrointestinal disorders such as peptic ulcer, gastritis, and gastroenteritis. It also has a prebiotic effect on the gut which promotes gastrointestinal health. Both lemon and honey when mixed with water can help relieve constipation. It is a popular home remedy and user reviews suggest it really works!

Get Glowing With The Drink

Honey-lemon water is a powerful weapon against acne, studies reveal. Honey is antimicrobial and is very effective in healing wounds, making it an essential ingredient in cosmetic preparations. Combined with antibacterial and acne-fighting properties of lemon, honey-lemon water is a potent drink to keep the skin smooth and acne free. Citrus fruits like lemon are rich in vitamin C which is effective in delaying signs of aging like wrinkles on the face. The combination, when applied topically on the skin without diluting it with water, has the same effect as drinking it.

Can Fight Diseases All Day

If you fall ill frequently, honey-lemon water is the best drink to start your day with. Citrus fruits like lemon are rich in phytonutrients that promote health and fight diseases. They are great for strengthening the immune system.

This combination is especially wonderful in taking care of a throat infection. Honey has wound healing properties and can soothe a sore throat. We have already mentioned the antibacterial properties of lemon. In combination with honey, lemon works like magic against infections.

In the long run, however, regular intake of honey-lemon water can keep many degenerative diseases at bay. As you know, lemon is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, flavonoids, beta carotene, limonoids, folic acid and dietary fiber which make lemons really potent against degenerative diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension, cataract, stroke, etc.

Considering the many good health benefits of the drink, it would do you the world of good if you make drinking honey-lemon water a habit. How does one make the drink? Squeeze a lemon into a cup of lukewarm water. Add a teaspoon of honey into it and mix well. Drink this water first thing in the morning every day.


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