5 Benefits of Pilates for Weight Loss and Health

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Happy 2018, everyone! Isn’t this a perfect opportunity for new beginnings, learning new skills, enriching our lives with new experiences? In the spirit of New Year, and a constant desire to be a better version of ourselves than yesterday, trying a new physical activity can challenge your existing levels of fitness and wellbeing by teaching you new ways to become lean, strong and healthy.

And as one of those life-altering health movements, Pilates is definitely becoming an increasingly popular activity that is easily incorporated into your everyday life. It’s a perfect way to stir up your monotonous fitness routine and give your healthy lifestyle a breath of fresh air!

  1. More strength, leaner muscles

First of all, Pilates is a powerful way to target your core, and that is usually our weakest point, and many other forms of training fail to incorporate enough core-specific work. As a full-body system made of movements designed to include as many muscles as possible, you will constantly work on getting stronger through every exercise.

And in order to gain strength, your body will burn the fat deposits to replace them with lean muscle that will produce such strength, which will in turn burn more calories and help you stay lean, toned and strong. But only, of course, if you stick to a healthy diet to accompany your training routine!

  1. A joint-friendly routine


Many cardiovascular-focused activities such as outdoor running on pavement can be very strenuous on your joints, especially your ankles and knees. Pilates, on the other hand, is very gentle on your joints as well as your connective tissue, making it a perfect choice for people of all ages to strengthen their bones as well as muscles.

It is even recommended for people who are already suffering from painful arthritis, as these particular movements aim to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain associated with the disease. Both healthy and struggling individuals can improve their joint function and overall mobility with this versatile system, so you can use it as a main activity or a supporting skill to your existing exercise program.

  1. Prevent and heal injuries

One of the most common and painful injuries many fitness enthusiasts experience, and it’s also a frequent consequence of our sedentary lifestyles is back-related. Studies have shown that people with chronic back pain experience exceptional improvement with Pilates, making it a safe option for those who have already suffered an injury.

With the right guidance, a carefully crafted Pilates program, protective gear such as high-quality bodybuilding clothes for safe exercise execution and better movement control, and a solid nutrition plan, you can finally restore your wellbeing and ensure safe exercising in the future.

  1. Better posture and balance

Along with more lean muscle and stronger bones comes the perk of everyday improvements you’ll notice in your posture, coordination, energy levels and overall balance. Pilates combines challenging your strength and stamina with elongating your spine, which helps take the pressure of your joints and allows you to sit and stand up straight without forcing yourself to do so. In time, the results of your training efforts become more apparent, and you will feel them every day.

And since it’s a full-body workout that is designed to eliminate any muscular and strength imbalances as well, you will notice that your physique and abilities will soon reflect that in your daily life. We all have those natural imbalances, such as a stringer right quad or left shoulder, but Pilates works on restoring balance into your physique.

  1. Boost your mind-body connection

If you’re looking to introduce a new activity into your life, it’s best to aim for something which encompasses both your physical and mental wellbeing, and according to the inventor, Joseph Pilates, his method is “the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit”. That means that Pilates is based on mindful performance of each movement, teaching you to both grow your strength and gain better control of your mind.

You will start feeling parts of your body and muscles that you never knew existed, and as you become more aware of your body, your awareness of your mind will also improve. That means no more mindless binges and stress-eating, which will help you not only lose, but maintain your desired weight and feel good in your own skin. This serves as an excellent stress-relief method, a way to focus on the present moment and become more attuned to your abilities and needs.



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