5 Benefits of Massage Therapy for Health


Massage therapy is considered capable of relaxing stiff muscles due to daily activities. Usually, someone feels the need for a massage when they feel some pain in the body. The condition can arise when muscles tense or suffer injuries due to stress, exercise and excessive physical activity. A good massage can refresh your body and improve your health.

According to Doctors advice, massage is an act of pressing, rubbing and manipulating the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. “According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2019, massage can be an effective therapy to treat back pain.”

However, more than simply overcoming pain and aches, massage therapy can provide other health benefits for your body. As cited in Prevention, consider the explanation as follows:

1. Overcome anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety disorders, a study shows that massage can really help reduce these symptoms significantly. Your body actually has two different nervous systems, namely the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

During the massage, your parasympathetic response increases and may cause a decrease in anxiety. The effect of massage on reducing anxiety can actually last a long time, supposedly reaching 6-18 months.

2. Make you sleep better

Do you have trouble sleeping or insomnia? Massage therapy is known to help you sleep better. “Sleep is related to the amount of activity in the nervous system. When it is massaged, the nervous system will slow down due to pressure.”

Keep in mind that when you sleep well at night, you can reduce overall body pain. That is why massage therapy is associated with triggers that are extremely effective drowsiness.

3. Suppress fatigue

Whatever the cause of your fatigue, massage therapy is present as the appropriate and effective solution to do. In fact, a study conducted in 2018 found that breast cancer victims who received weekly massages had reduced their fatigue.

Massage therapy helps overcome fatigue due to other bodily health disorders. Some experts recommend that you do a massage therapy once a week with professional experts to get the best benefits.

4. Increase focus

Have you had difficulty concentrating on meetings for more than 10 minutes? The massage effect will really help increase attention and concentration. This fact has been clinically proven.

To improve focus, your heart rate should be reduced to be stable. On the other hand, massage therapy can slow the nervous system. When that happens, your focus on yourself will increase and help activities that require concentration.

5. Treat injuries

If you experience injuries or joint pain, massage may be one of the best solutions. This therapy can eliminate soft tissue restrictions and increase blood circulation in the body, which then helps treat injuries.

Massage therapy not only helps overcome injuries, but also other problems that affect the body. Licensed massage therapists can assess which areas around the lesion should be massaged and which areas should be avoided.

On top of that, Dr. Patricia also recalled that the massage doesn’t get too strong because you will feel pain. That is why massage therapy should not be done by anyone.

“If the pain of the massage feels more intense and causes discomfort, you should immediately tell the therapist to stop the massage,” said Dr. Patricia.

Technology also play important role in the therapist industry like as Brook stone Massage Chairs provide real massage therapist touch and offers air bag technology to provide ultimate comfort of massage.

You should also avoid massage when you are taking anticoagulant medications, blood clotting problems and skin sores. Also, perform massage therapy properly and with the right people so you can feel the benefits. However, if pain and other health problems continue, contact a doctor immediately for further treatment.


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