3 Adverse Effects of Coffee on Oral Health and How to Prevent Them

coffee and dental health


A smoking hot cup of coffee is something that most people need for kick-starting their day. The jolt of caffeine is a must have without which their day just cannot begin. In fact, many of the coffee-lovers also reach for their second cup to get rid of their afternoon slump. But there are things that coffee does to your oral health which you should be aware of.

Coffee is a well-known stainer of teeth. Not only that, coffee affects your teeth in more ways than one. While there is no question of the fact that coffee gives you the most coveted “pep”, but there are massive ways in which your oral health gets negatively affected by it.

Here are some of the ways in which your oral health gets damaged from coffee and how you can prevent these. Just read on.

  • Coffee Stains More than Your Oral Health – Within the enamel of the teeth, there are microscopic pits and ridges. As a result of that, at the time of eating and drinking, the particles get stuck in these and remain there for a long time. Therefore, a dark brew like coffee can cause yellowing of the teeth by embedding itself to the teeth enamel.

How to Prevent This – The best way to avoid this is by avoiding coffee. But that is not possible for most people will not give up their coffee to stop the dental staining.  So to avoid this, you can follow the strategies mentioned below.

  1. You can use a straw to avoid coffee from directly touching the teeth.
  2. Don’t go for coffee throughout the day. You should take it at fixed times like in the afternoon break or during the breakfast. After finishing, you should use water to rinse the mouth and then brush your teeth after some time.
  3. You should follow a dental hygiene routine that involves, brushing for a couple of minutes twice a day and regular flossing. You can also use a teeth whitening toothpaste for better results.
  4. You should have some fruits and raw vegetables all throughout the day. They come with natural fibre that will help to keep the teeth stain-free and clean.
  • Bad Breath – Drinking coffee on a regular basis also comes with another side-effect and that happens to be bad breath. This occurs because the caffeine which is one of the main ingredients of coffee dries out all the saliva in the mouth.

How to Prevent This – 1. A solution to this is to chew the sugar-free gums.

  1. You can also eat some foods prior to drinking coffee to check this.
  • Erosion of Enamel –The enamel of the teeth can be weakened by acidic foods and drinks. Coffee happens to be extremely acidic. If you drink it on a regular basis it can result in the erosion of the enamel with time.

How to Prevent This – To limit this you have to follow certain things-

  1. Use a straw in order to prevent coffee from swishing around the mouth.
  2. After the coffee is drunk you should rinse the mouth with cool water.
  3. You can also brush your teeth after an hour of drinking coffee as the enamel of the teeth will be more vulnerable to damage if you brush teeth immediately after having something acidic like coffee.

The above are some of the major ways in which coffee consumption harms your oral health. Apart from following the preventive measures, you should also never miss an appointment with the best dentist in Bangalore who can guide you with what measures should be undertaken so that you can retain your pearly whites for a long period of time and smile confidently no matter where you go.



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