How to Prepare for Going to the Gym in 2020


It’s a new year and a lot of people have set their goals for 2018, most people’s goals are to become fitter and to do this, a higher gym attendance is required. Preparing for the gym isn’t just a physical attribute, it’s having the right mentality, there a great surge in gym attendance for the first few months of the year but it can dwindle as the year progresses.

There are a few different tips for preparing for a good gym attendance for 2018, some help short-term and others help in the long term. Here is a guide to having a successful year at the gym.

Setting Realistic Targets

You might have a hard target to hit, whether its weight loss, a runtime or muscle gain having an end goal is important. Having milestones in place is also crucial, the end goal can sometimes be too far away to motivate you to carry on. If your goal is to lose 3 stone in 2018 focusing on your weekly or monthly loss will help in keeping you motivated. With weight loss, especially is can sometimes be difficult to notice a change in your personal appearance, another way to keep motivated is to take a ‘before picture’ of your appearance and then a monthly picture to show your body change after the hard work. Recording your weight and performance times will spur you on to continue with your gym performance and reduce the chances of being put off by a big end goal being too far in the distance.

Clothing and Footwear

Personal preference with gym attire will help with attendance, whatever you wear just make sure you’re comfortable. Footwear is important regarding fitness, whilst running, having the right footwear will ensure your running isn’t damaging your feet and offers the correct posture. You don’t have to spend a lot on trainers, but the more expensive running shoes do offer extra support around the ankle and footbed. Everyone has different needs and different trainers can be bought to benefit long or short distance running. Going into sports shops you’ll likely find a staff member that will know ideal pairs of trainers suitable for your preferences.

Clothing is completely your choice, you don’t have to wear tech fit clothing if you don’t find it flattering or comfortable. If gym joggers and an old t-shirt is more your style then do it! Buying new activewear is a great way to motivate you to attend the gym, it doesn’t even have to be the expensive brands just buy what you think is best for your personality, gym wear is always a good opportunity to wear some daring colours and patterns.

Be Vocal

Let your friends and family know about you plans to get fit, telling them your goals makes it all official. Your friends knowing your targets will help you achieve them and give you less option to fail. keeping targets to yourself will help enable you to change the target whenever you want, which is how bad performance starts. It’s the same reason people attend weight loss groups, they all motivate each other and keep people on target with less desire to chop and change. Speaking to friends and family might also give you a partner to attend the gym with, going with the gym with someone gives you less opportunity to skip a day, you’ll both keep each motivated and won’t want to let each other down in regards to attendance. You might even find someone at the gym who could give you extra insight and tips on how to better your performance or even a weight loss/gain plan.


This is the most important part of gym attendance, staying positive can be tough at times and when you feel disheartened it will slowly reduce your gym visits. Everyone will have a bad week/ day whilst dieting or maybe miss a target set at the gym, to progress and perform better it’s all about repetition, the more you go in 2018 the better you’ll become naturally. Any gym performance is better than not attending at all, always look at the positives, just work hard and most targets will fall naturally into place.


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