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nordic diet

Benefits of the Nordic diet

It is the Nordic diet, plus some nutritionists think it could possibly be one of the healthiest ways to eat. But what...
Feel Hungry After Eating

Why Do you Feel Hungry After Eating and What to Do?

You feel hungry when your body needs more food. But some people feel hungry even after eating food. This phenomenon is not...
healthiest nuts

The healthiest nuts to choose for optimal health

Have you ever wondered if nuts are really that good for you? Have you ever asked yourself which types...

Top 10 Foods to Eat & Top 10 Foods to Avoid By Dr. Helen...

“Eating doesn’t have to be so complicated.” Michael Pollan Eating healthy can be harder than you think, thanks to an...

7 Multi-Mineral Supplements Best Suited for Women’s Health

From Calcium to Vitamin D, there are several essential vitamins that women tend to miss out on in the daily hustle and...
keto diet

16 Reasons Why Keto Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

Keto diet is low carb and has helped people of all age groups lose weight and stay fit. Following this diet comes...
Green coffee

Top 5 famous green coffee brands for losing weight

Green coffee is considered as one of the best supplement for losing weight. It is gaining its popularity worldwide. Various researches have...
Healthy diet

Why Healthy Diet is Important?

Eating healthy is not a fad; it’s a necessity. Thankfully, an increasing number of people are understanding the benefits of a healthy...
Dark Chocolate


Chocolates are bad. Chocolates are not good for health. Chocolates increase the sugar level in our body and blah! Blah! Blah! Well,...

Best foods to improve digestion

Dealing with any health issue can be difficult for many of us. A lot depends on our health and can be a...