Football Defensive Line Drills For Your Fitness


Football Defensive Line Drills For Your Fitness

American Football is something that has a huge fan following not just in the United States, but also around the world. The live matches are ever so exciting and people always turn up in huge numbers to see it at a grand stage. The players on the other hand are also aware that the people expect them to put up a good show as this sport represents a lot more than just a game. It represents strength, strategy, smart tactics, and a never-ending determination that just takes the game in a whole different level.

The players also go through extensive trainings and workout regimes that would break a normal guy’s back. Since the game involves a lot of things, the players need to work out some factors accordingly. One of the prime drills which the players undergo is the defensive line drills. This might sound a bit off to the people who watch the game, but for the players it is equally important to be on the defensive rather than the offensive. The game can turn out to be for a particular team’s favor if they use proper defensive tactics to curb the incoming attack. Therefore, there are some drills which need to be followed and practiced to perfect them, and they are as follows,


Quite unobtrusive, but it is an effective defensive strategy, and you don’t need the best football ankle braces to work this out. Randall Lee White, former American defensive tackle and is now a Hall of Famer who played for Dallas Cowboys for 13 years used the same trick. He trained himself in karate to improve his co-ordination and hand-fighting skills. This skill should be learned and mastered mandatorily by everyone who plays a defensive tackle in the team. The drill involves two players and they need to stand facing each other at an arm’s length. The player at the offensive would strike the player at the defense with his hands on his chest repeatedly. The defender should keep the opponent away from him by knocking out his hands before the strike. Both the players should be stay in the same position and neither one of them can move their feet.



There might be a situation in the game when a player finds himself in a tight spot. Therefore, it is the job of the player to recover quickly and get back in the game. This is a factor that could tip the game to either team, i.e. your opponent might take advantage of you in this situation OR you carry out a feint and carry out the offensive. In this drill, players play the role of offensive and defensive. The offensive player grabs hold of the defender’s shoulder pads. As soon as the whistle is sounded by the coach, the defender should block the offensive player and reach the other side of the line. The coach can accordingly add more players to increase the level of difficulty for the defender which will test his recovery skills.



Double teams can be nasty and it is designed to break off the defensive line up of the opponent. But there are techniques that can break this maneuver. First and foremost, which can and should be done is to break the double team. In this case, the defender needs to be agile and his shoulders should be faced perpendicular to the line of scrimmage. He can drive his leg in between the offensive players therefore breaking the team. If you are unable to do so, then you can take both the offensive players down by driving a knee through them. Even the best football ankle braces wouldn’t be able to stop them from falling in that case.



In this drill, five offensive players are lined up against five defensive players and the offensive coach will point out a specific defender to rush in and the defensive coach will indicate the snap count. Post the snap, all the defenders will stride in the offensive line two at a time as if they are rushing in. But it is only a feint as only the lone defender rushes towards the quarterback is less than 4 seconds. Once the whistle blows after the allotted time, the defensive player must stop and go back down the field.


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