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which yoga exercises help increase sperm count?

Which Yoga Exercises Help Increase Sperm Count?

The semen and its contents are referred to as as “beeja” in Ayurveda. Low sperm count or oligospermia is a health disorder characterized by less number...
10 mental and physical health benefits of laughter yoga

10 Mental And Physical Health Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

You may laugh at this, but people in many parts of the world are laughing their way to good health by practicing Laughter Yoga....
benefits of nauli yoga and ways to practice it

Benefits Of Nauli Yoga And Ways To Practice It

With yoga making waves across the world today, most of us know of yogic practices like pranayama and asanas. But the science of yoga...
how to manage the health risks of running

How To Manage The Health Risks Of Running

For those who love it, there’s nothing like running as a form of exercise. Their day is incomplete without a few laps around the...
10 workout tips for middle-aged men

10 Workout Tips For Middle-Aged Men

Struggling to get back in shape? Want to have stronger bones and greater energy? If so, it’s time to hit the gym! There are...
how to prepare for a sprint

How To Prepare For A Sprint

Sprinting, as an activity, requires excellent mobility, great tissue quality, and adequate strength to tolerate high levels of ground reaction force and varying joint...
9 best winter fruits you should eat

9 Best Winter Fruits You Should Eat

Winter fruits are equally as numerous and nutritious as their warmer weather counterparts. The wide range of flavors, colors, and nutrients is like a...
Cold Induced Asthma: Causes and Prevention

Cold Induced Asthma: Causes and Prevention

Living with asthma means you need to constantly be on the look out for triggers and always be prepared for an unexpected attack. While...
5 simple lifestyle changes to avoid dehydration

5 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Avoid Dehydration

Our bodies are made up of 75% water. A thirst signals a water loss of 1% of the body weight and light-headedness can indicate...
6 common foods you should never reheat

6 Common Foods You Should Never Reheat

We all have leftovers lurking in our fridge. And no doubt, they are often lifesavers at the end of a long hard day of...