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You have probably seen it before. A fitness guru offering you the new key to reduce wrinkles and avoid aging. When it comes to our skin, we all would love to get older without the sagging and lines appearing in our faces, and if there is a natural way to do it, even better!

The Premise Behind Facial Exercises

For years, there have been thousands of videos, books and fitness classes promising the new fountain to face youth. The argument around facial exercises is that by increasing the tone of the muscles in your face, it will diminish the presence of wrinkles and avoid the sagging of the skin around the neck and jaw. They even claim they can prevent drooping eyelids.

The premise behind facial exercises is that much like working out your biceps and triceps can help with muscle tonification and the way your arms look, moving the muscles on your face will improve your facial appearance. However, research from Harvard University has advocated facial exercises and their benefits to to the appear of skin. Find out what causes wrinkles and others ways to improve your skin along with some facial excercises below.

What Causes Wrinkles To Appear?

Aging is a natural part of life, but there are factors that can influence the way your face evolves when you age. From genetics to sun exposure, every face is different but these are some of the things that cause wrinkles and loose skin

Sun: We all have been told to stay away from the sun. UV exposure can not only cause cancer , but it can also lead to premature aging because the solar rays break the collagen in your skin and make it lose elasticity. This is one of the biggest aging factors for skin. Make sure you always always always wear sunscreen. Also try to avoid the sun between the hours of 11am and 2pm

Smoking: People who smoke tend to develop fine lines in the upper lip because of the regular movement they make when inhaling a cigarette. But the other main reason why it causes skin  aging is that it reduces your intake of vitamin c, and you are also absorbing a lot of chemicals. You can quickly eradicate this problems by giving up smoking, there is lots of help from doctors you can get.

Genetics:  Yes, some people are more prone to wrinkles than others. Genetics set the rate at which our skin is able to repair damage and for how long we can produce collagen.

Diet: When it comes to antioxidants, fruits and vegetables are one of the main sources. So including them in your diet will  help avoid skin aging. Another important part is protein, foods like fish are and nuts are rich in omega 3, a fatty acid that  nourishes the external layer of your skin.

Sleep: When you are asleep, your stress levels drop and your body has time to regenerate. Sleep deprivation can increase the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that breaks down collagen, which will result in the premature aging of your skin.

Types of Facial Exercises to Use

There are three great facial exercises to us. They are the Eye Opener, Furrow Smoother and the V. The most popular is  the Eye Opener .  “All you need to do is place your index finger from each hand together between your brows, then wrap yourc thumbs lightly around the outer-eye corners, as if you have a pair of sunglasses around your eyes. Squeeze your eyes tightly shut while pulling your two index fingers up slightly between your brows and pulling your thumbs out towards the top of your ears as you do so.

Other Ways To Improve Your Skin

Since there is no official verdict on the efficiency of facial exercises, you could try them, but it’s best to ask your doctor or dermatologist for advice.  In the meantime, here are  some other ways to improve your skin.

Moisturize:  Just like your body needs water to stay hydrated, your skin does too. Moisturisers help lock water onto your face and it will also make your skin cells regenerate. Sometimes an expensive moisturisers might be the key for your skin or sometimes it could a brand a doctor can recommend. We recommend visiting a pharmacist or doctor if your after a specialised moisturiser.

Sunscreen: Sun damage is key in skin aging, because it breaks down collagen. So it’s vital to use sunscreen everyday. Also avoid tanning booths as the exposure to UVA and UVB rays also damages the production of elastin.

Diet And Exercise: Working out keeps your blood circulating and will reduce your stress levels. A diet high in fruits and vegetables will provide lots of fiber and antioxidants, which will prevent aging.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake: While having a glass of wine every now and then is completely normal, you might want to watch how much alcohol you are drinking. Alcohol breaks down collagen, elastin and dilates blood vessels, leading to wrinkles and other skin conditions such as rosacea.

There is no magic cure for skin aging, but it has been proven that the best way to evade it is by being preventive. When it comes to for medical alternatives there are the non surgical options of botox, fillers and laser treatments. However, give the facial exercises a go and see how you fair before trying anything else.

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