Best Tips You Need To Deal Alzheimer Disease


Alzheimer is a condition just like dementia in which people’s memory abilities are affected and they are unable to remember and recall things. Sometimes patients with Alzheimer’s disease are unable to identify themselves.

There is no cure which can perfectly treat this problem or reverse the effects. But somehow it is possible to slow down the process and prevent it from the worse condition.

Here are some of the approve remedies that can help the patients with Alzheimer’s disease to reduce its effects.

CBD oil for Alzheimer

CBD oil is recommended for the patients of Alzheimer’s as it has shown many improvements in the patients. Many doctors and practitioners also consider this remedy beneficial. You should know best ways for consuming CBD, here is where you can find on how to take CBD oil? Follow the guidelines for the best effects.

According to a research which was published in “Journal of Alzheimer’s disease” showed the facts which stated the benefits of CBD oil for Alzheimer’s patients. It helps the people to remember the faces of people and provides better memory.

Mental Stimulation

According to studies, people who use their mind more in their daily lives and participate in learning session tend to have a lower risk of dementia in their lives. So to avoid or reduce the effects of Alzheimer, try stimulating your mind with different activities and practices which are related to your mind.

Learn something new each day, focus and remember different things and scenarios. Play the games like puzzle, crossword or board games.

Stress Management

Persistent stress can lead you to dementia or worsen the effects, so one way to remedy the situation is to manage your stress in daily life.

Deal with the situation which is causing you the worry and making you depressed. To deal with this situation, try meditation and exercises. Talk to other people and ask for help if you are unable to solve it on your own.

Quality Sleep

Most commonly people with Alzheimer’s disease suffer insomnia. Insomnia is not just the symptom of Alzheimer but a potential risk to it. Sleep deprivation can disturb the functioning of cells of the brain and can lead to high risk of Alzheimer or worse the situation. So patients with Alzheimer disease need to have a proper and quality sleep.

Try to set the environment of the room where you going to sleep. Make sure the place is free from voice and dark. Also, have the good temperature level of the room to get better sleep.

Healthy Diet

Foods that have an excessive amount of sugar or create inflammation are harmful to brain function and one of the reasons to Alzheimer. Good and healthy diet can save you from this problem.

Take the foods which are healthy for the mind too. Avoid trans fats and sugar products. Have fresh vegetables and fruits. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for brain stimulation.


Exercises are productive in many ways. It strengthens the body as well as mind and makes the mind function more properly and actively. Exercises regulate the blood circulation in the mind and provide the oxygen to the brain. Exercises release the stress and anxiety from your mind which helps to reduce the Alzheimer’s effects.

Control Blood pressure

The facts have shown that high blood pressure could be the reason behind forgetting things. So you need to control your blood pressure. Fluctuation of blood pressure can not only harm your memories but also create other health issues.

Take proper precautions to avoid the blood pressure fluctuations or take proper medicine for it. Meditation and healthy foods can be helpful to avoid this problem.


Besides what people say about this disease that it is untreatable, by using these tips you can reduce the effects of Alzheimer. Make habit of these practices and you will not have to face the severe consequences of this disease.

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