5 breakfast options for runners


Breakfast before a race has to be nutritious. However, should not include foods that generate a slow digestion.

Breakfast is the ideal time to give the body the nutrients it needs to start energetically the day and tackle the best workouts. If you practice running in the morning, the ideal breakfast will depend on your characteristics as a runner.

“The distance you are planning to take, the pace, the technique, the level of recovery and the protein needs are some of the things that must be taken into account to give a person a breakfast that works properly based on the performance Wants to achieve, “says nutritionist and triathlete Gabriel Conroy.

Avoid foods that can cause slow digestion and cause discomfort during training as well as sugars. It is also important to pay attention to the time when food is consumed. Depending on your experience, the range may vary between two hours or thirty minutes before exercise. Here we leave you 5 breakfast options before going out to do running:

For a short run

If you are going to run a 5k, a small fruit to run before runs perfect. After running, Gabriel Conroy recommends a breakfast that includes at least one serving of protein (2 egg whites or 1 cup of fresh skim milk) and two servings of fruit (1 cup of juice or 1 cup of chopped fruit)

For a 10k race

You can consume a cereal for a little slower absorption like 1/2 cup of oats with honey to have another stimulus faster. After running, breakfast is similar to the previous one but can include 1/4 avocado, 6 to 7 olives or 1 tbsp. In addition, half of almond butter to ensure the recovery of the lost energy.

For a 21k race

It will be necessary to look for a quick stimulus and a load of quality energy that is sustained in the body. The key will be to mix a carbohydrate of fast absorption like fruit fructose, one of slow absorption as those found in whole wheat bread and a load of healthy oils such as the avocado. After your running session, you must include proteins accompanied by oils: a can of tuna, egg whites with ¼ avocado, or turkey ham with a trowel. Almond butter are a few choices.

For fund races

A nutritionist and athlete, these oatmeal pancakes are ideal: Smoothie a medium banana, 2 egg whites, 2 tbsp. Of oats or quinoa in flakes, ½ tsp. Of vanilla essence, ½ tsp. Cinnamon and ½ tsp. Of baking powder. Place the mixture in a frying pan with ½ tsp. Of coconut oil and serve with a tsp. Of honey of bees.

“This breakfast provides us with fast and slow absorption of carbohydrates, which will allow energy to be in the moment, and also once the race has started. The proteins of the whites will also feed the muscle mass with amino acids and help To have energy for a longer time, “says the specialist.

Notes that a small bowl of oats or quinoa, accompanied by a chopped banana, a tsp. Of honey and cinnamon works as first meal. Just before the race, you could eat a cereal bar.

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