14 Things People With Braces Can Relate Too


Braces have become very common amongst the both the young and old. Many people have had them at one point of their lives. Therefore, you might be able to relate some of the following common occurrences that come with having braces.

Wondering “Why ME?!” when you realised it was your time get braces

Two to three years seems like a long time when you first told you’re getting braces. Its seems so unfair that some people are born with perfect teeth and you have to do deal with being called every metal mouth joke under the sun.

You Are Always Visiting Your Orthodontist

If you thought having braces might be a few appointments here and there, you will be sorely mistaken. You end up seeing your orthodontist more regularly them some of your friends. From having your moulds done to having them placed in and the regular visits for tightening and changing of bands.

Cleaning Your Retainer

On top of the appointments and pain, you also had to clean your retainer every single day. It was totally gross even after just a day of wearing it.

The Struggle Of Wax

Most people who don’t experience braces won’t comprehend the use of wax. It can be your worst nightmare or your best friend. Trying to get it to stick to wires or pointy brackets has to be the longest procedure. You always seem to loss the small containers the wax came in as well!

Everyone Wants To See Your Braces

You may want to hide your new braces. However, everybody is interested in seeing how they look. You can feel self-conscious and many of your family and friends will want to take a peek. You end up hearing, “oh, but it’s not that bad” or “it will be so worth it in the end” over and over.

Restricted Foods

You would have been told not to eat sugar, drink soda, indulge in chocolate or chew gum. You find out there is a reason behind that. Sugar can discolor your teeth and you’ll end up with a mark where the braces used to be. Also food can get stuck in the metal bars and increase your risk of cavities or gum diseases.

Pain Killers, Were A Saviour

To help with the pain, other than smoothies and ice cream. Well, know that taking too much isn’t good for your stomach. You always took a pain killer at least 30 minutes before an appointments, so when you got a new bands put on, that way the pressure and tightness wouldn’t be so bad.

Moulds Don’t Taste Nice

Before you get the braces put on, you will have remembered the moulds that were done to match your jaw and teeth. The horrible substance that they use for the mould has  to have been the worst taste you will have ever experienced.

Fearing Kissing Someone

Everyone had overheard all of those urban legends that when you braces, such as the story about a couple with braces who got stuck together for years after they tried to kiss. You may have feared kissing someone and thought you might ending up stuck together for all however, – you finally got up the courage to kiss someone and nothing really bad happened!

The Fear Of Photos

Taking a picture is the worst, you either smile and have your braces displayed for eternity, or you learn to look happy without showing your teeth.

Not Allow to Ever Chew Gum

You would remember that chewing gum and braces didn’t mix. Or actually, they do, and way to well. Your brace brackets would be filled with long strings of chewing gum that take hours to pull out. It ended up looking like your mouth is filled with both silly string.

You Can’t Wait To Have Them Out

You secretly hope every visit to the orthodontist will be the last one. I mean he said they would be done soon, but that was six months ago.

The Great Feeling When Your Friends Got Braces.

The day you realise you’re not alone in this journey to perfect teeth is life changing. You say nothing but really you are crying tears of happiness inside.

Fearing that you wouldn’t get to kiss anybody until you got them off.

You spends days wondering if you will ever have the chance to kiss someone. However, after awhile it becomes the norm and you realise that there could be much more unattractive things than braces.

You Finally Get Them Off

The time has come and you are ready to show the world your new amazing smile, and then you get a retainer just to make sure those precious teeth don’t go crooked again.

However, Now You Have Other Options.

In the 1990s and 2000s metal braces were pretty much your only option. There are now braces which are removable and clear. The invisalign braces can be easily taken out and placed back in, making everything from eating to brushing much easier. You can also avoid of the everyday annoyances that come with regular with regular metal braces.



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